A single father shared a crying selfie moments before he took his life after he was left with just £4.61 in his bank account.

Phillip Herron, 34, quit his job in a factory to look after his three children. Sadly, he fell behind with rent and trying to feed and clothe his children. He ended up £20,000 in debt, including payday loans with 1,000 per cent interest.

Waiting for a payment from Universal Credit was the last straw and the single dad killed himself.

Minutes before he took his own life on March 18, he posted a picture of himself crying in his car. 

Reacting to his death, his mother, Sheena Derbyshire, 54, told the Mirror it was dangerous to make families wait so long for payments when they are already desperate.

She said: "In his suicide note he said his family would be better off if he wasn’t there anymore. 

"He was a single dad. He was responsible. He always had money before and the kids had the best of everything."

Dad shares crying selfie moments before taking his life after being left with just ?4.61

Sheena didn't discover how dire Phillip’s financial situation was until weeks after his death. Letters at his home detailed how much debt he was in, and he had also been served an eviction notice.

A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said: "Our thoughts are with Mr Herron’s family. 

"Suicide is a very complex issue, so it would be wrong to link it solely to someone’s benefit claim. We are committed to safeguarding vulnerable claimants and keep guidance under constant review to provide the highest standard of protection."

Nollywood actor cum politician, Desmond Elliot has called for the ban of foreign movies in Nigeria to enable the growth of the Nigerian Movie Industry.

The 45-year-old representing Surulere constituency at the Lagos State house of assembly  said this in an interview with HIPTV, as he spoke on the current situation of the country's Movie Industry.
According to him, the Federal Government should make it difficult for foreign content to come into the country so that local content from Nigeria can grow.
Watch the video below.

Desmond Elliot says foreign films need to be banned in Nigeria to help Nollywood grow.
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American actress and movie director, Sonja Sohn was on Sunday July 20th arrested on drug charges.

The 55-year old was arrested on Sunday morning in North Carolina for cocaine possession, marijuana possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia.
According to TMZ,  the marijuana and paraphernalia charges will be classified as misdemeanors but the possession of cocaine charge could be classified as a felony. 

The authorities say that Sohn was taken to the station around two in the morning, where she posted a $1,500 bail and was released six minutes later. 
The actress is set to be arraigned for these charges on Tuesday. 
Sonja Sohn is best known for her roles as Detective Kima Greggs on the HBO drama The Wire and Detective Samantha Baker on the ABC series, Body of Proof.

The police says it is not aware of any petition Busola Dakolo, wife of Timi Dakolo, filed in any of its command's against COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Recall that on Saturday, Timi raised an alarm on social media after he spotted gun wielding men inside a bus in front of his house. It was later discovered that the men were a team of police officers from Abuja who had come to deliver a letter to him and his wife to come forward for questionning as there is a case of criminal conspiracy, falsehood and threat to life filed against them. 

Timi at a press conference he held in Lagos yesterday,  said Busola on June 27th, filed a petition against Fatoyinbo within the Lagos state police command, a day before her explosive interview was released. He wondered why the police had not acted on her petition or invited Biodun Fatoyinbo for questioning but were quick to act on the clergyman's petition and invited them for questioning.

In a fresh interview with The Nation, a police officer at the force headquarters in Abuja who spoke on condition of anonymity,  said the force is unaware of any petition from Mrs Dakolo.
According to the source, the first petition received is that from Fatoyinbo and that they acted immediately the petition was received. 
“We are not aware that she wrote any letter. If she tells us that the matter was already reported at Alagbon, we will confirm it and take up the matter from there but as it stands now, we are not aware of that.
“We are also not aware that the case is in court. We treated the first petition that came to us and what we did was just to invite; and the invitation is optional.  If she likes, she can refuse to honour it or not and according to our men who were on ground yesterday, she said she will honour the invitation on Wednesday.
“We gave a date and she said the date was not convenient and she chose another date. If it is by force, will she give date?” he said

Giving reasons why the letter was issued, he said: “We wrote because there was complaint and anybody who complains, constitutionally, we have the right to invite. It is left for the invited person to come or not.
“I don’t see the reason for making so much noise about this at all. I am not saying the matter at hand is not serious but I feel there are other important issues that need our attention as a nation. It is merely an invitation; it is not as if our operatives killed anybody.

On why they decided to go with a bus to deliver a letter, he said: “The operatives were from Abuja. We do not expect them to go on foot. Going with the bus does not mean anything.”

The source however disclosed that Mrs Dakolo has agreed to honor the invitatoion on Wednesday July 24th.

Diamond Platnumz is taking a few steps back following his annoucement of quitting his cheating ways and reverting to being monogamous. 

Making the announcement months after a bitter breakup with Zari Hassan, the mother of his two children and also ending his relationship with his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto over allegations of withcraft, the Tanzanian singer stated that he was quite lucky he didn't land into trouble for cheating and also get STDs from it. 

"If I must be honest I played around. I played a lot but was lucky enough to escape without any consequences," he said. 

Diamond while speaking to Tanzanian youths on the importance of using protection during sex, recalled escaping death by a whisker. He however added that all he wants now is to settle down with Tanasha, and be a better man than he was before. 

Niniola Apata is many things weaved into one. Known for her energetic dance moves, the 32- year-old musician tells ERIC DUMO why she left the teaching profession for the entertainment industry
You were born and raised in Lagos, what was that early period of your life like? 
It was so much fun as I was raised in the same house with my brothers, sisters, cousins and others. We played pranks, engaged ourselves in fights, laughed and did several other things together. It was fun.
You attended a secondary school owned by your father. How was it like studying there? 
My late father owned the school. With the way my father brought us up, there was no special treatment as he was a disciplinarian and wouldn’t accept anything less. So, as it was his school, he was still very firm with us.
Looking back today, what aspects of your childhood would you say you miss the most? 
I guess that will be the good times I had with my father because I was his favourite child and I got all I wanted. No one could ever lay a finger on me back in those days.
Before embracing music, what ambitions did you nurse? 
I worked as a teacher for a while. I taught during my teaching practice at Clegg Girls Secondary School, Lagos and I had so much fun with the girls before going to my dad’s school where I became a supervisor for a couple of years before music eventually took hold of me.
Were there any kind of objections from your parents and other family members when you decided that you wanted to do music as a career? 
Well, you know back then every parent wanted their kid to be a banker, lawyer, engineer, etc., so there was some kind of objection from my mother. But when she realised that I wasn’t backing down, she had to support me.
What inspires your kind of music? 
Well, naturally I am a ballad singer but for the love I have for dancing, I decided to do dance music. But once in a while, I cater to my RnB fans.
For my music, I get inspiration from other people’s experiences, ‘gist’ from my friends or my own experiences.
As an undergraduate, how much of social activities like parties did you engage in? Or were you the type that stuck to books? 
Well, a lot of people don’t know that I am an introvert. So, as a result of this, I never really partied or hung out. Most of the time, I was into my books.
So you still consider yourself to be an introvert? 
Yes, I am still an introvert but people don’t know because they see me on stage dancing and doing all that. But after that, I am back to my cave.
At what point did you first have a real love relationship? 
I guess that was when I was in university.
Are you considering marriage anytime soon or taking your time to toe that path?
My private life stays private.
How do you pamper yourself when you have the time to do so? 
I only do that whenever I am outside the country because I have a level of freedom there.
For you, what does a typical weekend look like? 
I am a boring person, so if I am not cooking, playing games on my phone or making wigs, I would be sleeping or recording a song.
How often do you shop for new fashion items? 
Anytime I get the time to or whenever I see new stuff that I like.
Between mobile gadgets and jewellery, which are you a fan of the most? 
Jewellery, of course.
Are there favourite destinations you love to spend your holidays? 
Well, I like to visit anywhere with great scenery, that is peaceful and quiet.
What local Nigerian cuisine can’t you do without tasting in a week? 
None really because I don’t like to eat the same things every time.
Do you still find the time to go into the kitchen to prepare a special meal for yourself? 
Yes, I do. I cook every day.
What type of cars do you have a flair for the most?
I like sport-utility vehicles. I like SUVs because of space; they give me room to turn the back to another makeup/dressing room.
Was there any specific advice that your parents gave you that has lived with you till this day? 
Yes, they told me to always be satisfied with what I have.
What are the things you think fame has robbed you of? 
Nothing actually because I am still the same person and I still do anything I want to do.
What do you do to keep fit and maintain your amazing shape? 
I watch what I eat and I work out regularly especially upper body exercises.
Do you have a stylist that dresses you or do you do that yourself? 
Most of the time, I dress myself but sometimes I engage a stylist to have a second look or opinion.

A Russian boxer is fighting for his life after the 'right side of his skull' was removed by surgeons following serious head injuries he suffered in a fight.

28-year-old Maxim Dadashev reportedly suffered a subdural haematoma in a 140-pound world title eliminator against Puerto Rican Subriel Matias at MGM National Harbor in suburban Washington on Friday, July 19, 2019.

Russian boxer left fighting for his life after
The lightweight fighter took repeated violent blows to the head before his trainer Buddy McGirt called for the end of the bout in the 11th round. He collapsed in front of spectators as he struggled on his way out of the arena.

According to gazeta.ru, his condition rapidly 'deteriorated' as he vomited and lost consciousness including suffering extensive bleeding. 
The boxer was rushed to hospital in Washington, where part of his skull was removed to relieve swelling in his brain during emergency surgery.
Russian boxer left fighting for his life after
Dadashev is now in a medically induced coma in the US.
His manager Egis Klimas said: 'Dadashev experienced brain swelling, so the right side of his skull was removed.
'Within the next couple of days the swelling should decrease. Let's hope that the part of the skull will be put back in place.
'The doctor says that Max may come back to normal life.'
The manager added: 'Right now, he's in critical condition, but the doctor told me that he's stable.'

Famous coach Abror Tursunpultanov who knows the boxer said: 'I am praying for Max… I just saw the news in my phone and got terrified… I have spoken to Max's physical development coach and he told me that a good experienced doctor performed skull trepanation on Dadashev.
'This surgeon had operated two casualties with the same trauma before and they both later got back to normal life.'

Yukiya Amano, head of the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency, was confirmed dead on Monday at the age of 72. 

The Japanese diplomat before his death, held the IAEA top job since 2009. He took over from Mohamed ElBaradei, and steered the U.N. agency through a period of intense diplomacy over Iran's nuclear program while seeking in vain to return to agency involvement in North Korea.

“The secretariat of the International Atomic Energy Agency regrets to inform with the deepest sadness of the passing away of Director General Yukiya Amano,” the IAEA said in a statement, without saying when he died.

The statement released by the IAEA did not lay out a time frame for naming a successor, though the race to succeed him had been taking shape since last week when it became clear he would step down early. The IAEA however said its flag over its headquarters in Vienna, had been lowered to half-mast.

A Louisiana man was arrested by the police, barely a day after he fled home after his wife walked in on him raping a 9-year-old girl left in his care.

42-year-old Glenn Mills Jr reportedly fled home in his pickup truck before officers could arrive, after his wife dialled 911. The suspect was arrested at a house in Harvey - about a 40 mile drive away the next day, and was slammed with a first-degree rape charge and one aggravated charge of a crime against nature.

Man caught raping 9-year-old girl he was looking after by his wife, arrested

He was was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center, according to WDSU-TV of New Orleans. 

A 42 year old mother of four, Grace Ogochukwu Dagbo, was killed by suspected armed robbers in Ovwian, Delta state on Saturday July 20th. 

A niece of the deceased, Dr Ify Nwajei, yesterday shared the sad story on Twitter, alleging that the victim was killed by trigger-happy police officers, an account of the event that has been disputed.

42 year old mother of four shot dead by armed robbers after police allegedly seized her car from her during stop and search in Delta state

Activist Harrison Gwamnishu who paid a visit to the Family house in Delta state yesterday July 21st, said the deceased was not killed by police officers but rather by suspected armed robbers. According to Gwamnishu, the deceased and her 9 year old daughter were driving home at about 9pm when they were flagged down by police officers carrying out a stop and search exercise.

After searching her car, the officers asked for the papers of her tinted Sienna bus. She gave it to them but they however asked for the permit for her tinted glass. She responded saying she did not have it and that she has been driving the car for many years without any of such requests. An argument ensued and the officers asked her to come down from the vehicle. One of them took over the wheels and drove it to their station, leaving the woman and her 9 year old child stranded on the road. 

Mrs Dagbo and her child decided to take a Tricycle home and then return the next day to negotiate for the release of their car. Sadly, the tricycle they boarded was being operated by armed robbers who in their bid to snatch her bag from her, shot her dead, leaving her corpse on the road.

The deceased would have been a year older today July 22nd.

The police officers who had an encouter with the deceased have been arrested and are now being interrogated at the Burutu area command in the state. 

42 year old mother of four shot dead by armed robbers after police allegedly seized her car from her during stop and search in Delta state
42 year old mother of four shot dead by armed robbers after police allegedly seized her car from her during stop and search in Delta state
42 year old mother of four shot dead by armed robbers after police allegedly seized her car from her during stop and search in Delta state

The moon is covered in human poo left behind by astronauts and there's a reason for that.

Astronauts left behind a number of things on the moon, including their poo. According to Metro UK, the Apollo astronauts had been tasked with bringing lots of moon rocks back to earth. But the weight of all these rocks had to be balanced out by leaving some unwanted items behind.

The unwanted items left behind included 12 cameras, 12 pairs of boots, a telescope and two golf balls. They also left 96 bags of human waste, filled with urine, faeces and vomit. 

In an article for the BBC’s Science Focus magazine, astrophysics professor Dr Alastair Gunn, said the poo will have had "no permanent effect on the lunar environment". 

He wrote: "Any microorganisms present in the human waste could not have grown under the harsh conditions of the lunar surface. It is possible, however, that some could have survived for a time as dormant, inactive spores. 

"So, after 50 years on the lunar surface the human waste, which is now probably just bags of dust, may contain important information on the survival of microorganisms in space."

Humans haven’t landed on the moon since 1972, but Elon Musk, China, and NASA have all vowed to land a mission on the moon soon.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has adviced Christians to always pray and show love to their enemies including insurgents as this is what God expects of them. 

Osinbajo gave the advice when he spoke in Lagos at the National headquarters of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Nigeria yesterday Sunday July 21st. According to Osinbajo, he is always shocked when men of God speak bitterly about their enemies. 

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is a contrarian gospel because it does not agree with our flesh. The Bible for instance says we must pray for our enemies, bless those who curse us and even those who persecute us.  But our flesh says we should curse those who curse us. In fact, curse them so much that they will not again dare to curse. The Scriptures say we should not revenge. The power of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ lies in that very contrarian nature. The gospel speaks to that which we do not want to accept. 

I have seen as I travel around the country how God’s love is demonstrated by other people, ordinary Christians.   A  woman whose two children were killed and her father was also injured in the North East. I spoke to her and she said, we still must pray for these people.  These people are the people to whom we have been called. I was surprised. I have heard leaders of our faith who speak with such bitterness.

When I heard this woman who had lost her two children speak, I knew she spoke from the very depth of the grace that God gives to those who truly believe in him and I know it is that kind of love that can conquer all situations and win souls and win over the worst of men and the worst of women. It is that exceptional kind of love that Christ himself taught us. But it is so difficult. Yet that is the gospel.” he said

The Supreme Court has dismmised an application by the All Progressives Congress asking it to review its last judgment in which it nullified the party’s participation in the last elections in Zamfara State.

A five-man panel of the court, led by Justice Olabode Rhodes-Vivour, in a ruling on Monday morning, struck out the application. The apex court awarded governorship, National Assembly and state Assembly elective posts to the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), by nullifying the participation of the candidates of the ruling All Progressives Congress in the 2019 General Elections.

It then declared the party with the second highest votes as winners of the elections, making the PDP candidates beneficiaries by default.

Despite last week’s police order restricting all protests in Abuja, the nation’s capital, to the Unity Fountain by the Nigeria Police Force, members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria have vowed to continue their daily protest until their leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, is freed.  

The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), had explained in a statement that the restriction was meant to ensure free flow of traffic and safety of lives and property.  

The sect however said government and the police should get ready to kill more of its members as they would continue their protests. They said the police have no constitutional rights to restrict protesters to a particular point.    

Addressing reporters in Abuja, a member of IMN, Abdullahi Musa, urged the public to disregard a recent statement by the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, claiming that the fate of Zakzaky lies with the courts, not the Federal Government.

The group wondered how the Presidency made such a claim while it is on record that since December 2016, a Federal High Court, sitting in Abuja and presided over by Justice Kolawole, had freed Zakzaky and restored his fundamental human rights. It said the government refused to obey the court order.
Musa said: “Why is government hunting somebody that is out to fight for his or her right? You have killed more than a thousand of his (Zakzaky’s) followers and put them in a mass grave. You keep on violating the law of the land and you think nobody should come out and challenge you? That is bad. This shows that the government of is oppressing its citizens. And you do not expect me to cross my legs and allow President Muhammadu Buhari to kill my leader.  
“They are looking for me to arrest me and I will say no to injustice. This will never stop us from achieving our aim. The worse this government can do to me is to kill me. When they kill me tomorrow, another Abdullahi will come up calling for justice. The protest will continue, and if they do not want to see us on the street, government should free our leader. If they want to kill, they should go ahead and kill. We are ready to die for our leader. Failure to free our leader, the government should get ready to kill more of us.  
“The police should respect the law of the land. They have no backup from the constitution to disallow anybody from protesting and restricting people to Unity Fountain. The police should tell their masters to obey the court judgment and free our leader. The protests on the streets of Abuja are as a result of the government’s disregard for the judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction, the Federal High Court Abuja, which freed the revered leader of the movement from an illegal detention described by the government as ‘protective custody’.  
“At least, before the Zaria massacre of 2015, the streets of Abuja, that are more of concern to the government than the lives of its citizens, had not been ‘taken over’ by the adherents of the Islamic Movement. It is not possible under every logical reasoning to exonerate President Buhari from the genocide perpetrated by the Nigerian Army under his command as the Commander-in-Chief, where over 1,000 unarmed members of the movement, including men, women and children, were killed from December 12 to 14, 2015.
The government has declared illegally burying 347 members of the movement in a mass grave at Mando Village in Kaduna after the mass murder, in violation of the Geneva Convention and every known law in the country. The movement has never been violent or taken over streets, as falsely claimed by the Presidency. The Islamic Movement has been in existence for about 40 years. It is on record that the movement has been peaceful and has never resorted to violence.
“It is only when government sends its police or Army to attack the peaceful processions that fracas sets in, courtesy of the security agents planted in the movement. We once again dissociate ourselves from any act of brigandage during our protests on the streets”.

Over the weekend, a suspected traffic robber was lynched and later set ablaze by a mob along the Badagry Expressway in Lagos.

According to reports, the incident occurred under the bridge at International Trade Fair in Ojo, about the time traders were going home. It was learnt that the suspect was a member of a three-man gang that had terrorised motorists in the area.  

Sources said the young man and his colleagues were earlier seen roaming the area between Trade Fair and Mike Two, which aroused the suspicion of onlookers that they could be traffic robbers. It was learnt that the suspects rode on three motorcycles, which they later parked off the road near Abule-Osun.
An eye witness narated the events saying; “people observed them there, including policemen. One of the suspects later moved quickly to the other side of the expressway and attacked a motorist.
Policemen pursued him, but he ran away. He abandoned his motorcycle around Trade Fair and fled. Because of the traffic, the policemen could not give him a chase. But they seized his motorcycle and a locally-made gun.  
“Unknown to the fleeing robber, he was running to his death, as motorists, who observed what was happening from their mirrors and traders going home immediately identified him and knocked him down. They set him ablaze before the police could get to the location. The boys have made life unbearable for people using the road because of the bad portions. Traffic usually builds there, so they make it a habit to terrorise road users.  
“No one saw his other accomplices. I don’t support jungle justice, but I think people are tired of waiting for the Nigerian legal system”.  
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