The murder of Atlanta University Student Alexis Crawford, which was allegedly carried out by her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend, has shocked everyone who has heard about it and more details have surfaced about what happened on the night she was killed.

As both suspects remain in police custody and charged with her murder, new court documents have revealed more details about Alexis Crawford’s murder on Halloween night in Atlanta, just minutes away from the college campus where she was in her senior year.

As reported by AJC News, after Alexis was strangled to death allegedly by her roommate Jordyn Jones’ boyfriend Barron Brantley, her remains were put inside a plastic bin that was dumped at a park in the city of Decatur, according to the criminal complaint from Fulton County Superior Court.

Earlier in the evening of her death, Alexis and her roommate Jordyn reportedly got into an altercation that turned physical. According to initial reports, this led to Jordyn’s boyfriend Barron getting involved and he then chocked Alexis.

However, new details state that Jordyn smothered Alexis with a trash bag before Barron dumped her body.

Jordyn initially told the Crawford family that she didn’t know where Alexis was and was hoping for her return. But she eventually led local Atlanta police to Alexis's body in a Decatur, Georgia park. Shortly after, Barron allegedly confessed to killing Alexis. They are both currently in jail, charged with murder and held without bond.

Alexis's murder came after she filed a police report stating that Barron was touching and kissing her without her consent.

Justice John Tsoho of the Federal High Court, Abuja, on Tuesday November 12, 2019, adjourned till January 21-23, 2020 for continuation of hearing in the trial of the founder of Daar Communication Plc, Chief Raymond Dokpesi.

Dokpesi is being prosecuted by the EFCC for his alleged involvement in the diversion of N2.1 billion, meant for arms purchase by the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

At the resumed sitting today, the absence of the lead defence counsel, Chief Kanu Agabi (SAN) who was said to be engaged in time-bound 2019 election appeals stalled the proceedings.

Tonto Dikeh was referred to as a Mister in a note welcoming her to Dubai.

"Welcome to Dubai Mr. King Tonto Dikeh," a note held by a man waiting to welcome her at the airport reads.

It's not clear if the "Mr" prefix was a mistake due to the King she adds to her name or if it was intentional but Tonto gives the impression that it was intentionally done by her "sugar daddy".

Commenting on the photo, Tonto Dikeh wrote: "I die here. Mr King Tonto... My Sugar daddy is too extra..."

Tonto Dikeh referred to as "Mr King Tonto" on note welcoming her to Dubai

President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been vandalized again by a set of angry Americans in the early hours of Tuesday November 12. 

The suspect was spotted in a viral video pulling out a white spray paint from her bag and coating the star in seconds. 

President Donald Trump

Trump was given the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to honor his achievements in television. This is however not the first time the US President's Hollywood Walk of Fame star will be vandalized. Recall it was vandalized with a pickax and even labelled 'Putin's Bitch' months ago.

Here is a video of its recent vandalization; 

Lamar Morales-Odom, the son of NBA star Lamar Odom has apologised to his father for slamming him over his surprise engagement to his girlfriend of three months, Sabrina Parr.

The 17-year-old who Odom shares with ex Liza Morales, expressed his anger in a now deleted Instagram comment after he got to find out about his engagement on social media.

"Not a txt or a phone call to see how people who’ve know this dude his whole life to see how we would feel or react," Lamar Jr. wrote. "knew shawty for 4 months and already got you twisted, fam n friends already don’t approve of homegirl but already she got your a— ina sunken place. Shame family gotta find out on social media but that’s been how life been all the time as the son of an odom.
I was emotional seeing that my father got engaged through social media - Lamar Odom
Writing in a new post on Instagram, Lamar. Jr regreted his action and has apologised for attacking his father on social media over his surprise engagement to Sabrina Parr.

Sharing an old family photo of himself and his sister Destiny posing with their father, he wrote: 'Last night I was emotional seeing my father got engaged through social media. I was hurt and caught off guard. At the end of the day, I am a teenager, that is becoming a young man. I have to be responsible for what I post, I have nothing but love for my dad and want what’s best for him.'

Queen Farcadi is popular sex worker in Ghana. Farcadi, who is never shy to talk about her profession revealed in a previous interview that she welcomed her child with one of her clients last year. 

In a new video shared by ghgossip, she admitted to having slept with countless men from different parts of the world. She even went ahead to reveal that some of her clients are based in Abuja, Lagos and Delta State.

Watch the video below. 

Femi Fani-Kayode in a new article published on his verified Facebook page this evening, said claimed he was reliably informed that three names of Southwest indigenes have been penned down as Osinbajo's possible replacement.  Read the new article below
In September 2019 I tweeted the following to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.
"Ambassador Ayo Oke, the former Director General of the Nigerian Intelligence Agency, took care of you. He paid your bills and protected you. He kept all your dirty little secrets. He gave you wise counsel and comforted you even when you shed tears and said you couldn’t take it anymore. All this yet you sold him down the river. Your fingers have finally been caught in the cooky jar and your benefactors and detractors have begun their work. They have demoted you, humiliated you, used you and dumped you. By the time they finish with you you will wish that you had never been born. Worse still Oke is no longer there to help you. Poor chap. Politics is a terrible thing when compared to the legal profession. This is especially so when you are a Professor of Law. At least you can go back to your pastoral work at Redeemed Christian Church of God when all else fails. My prayers are with you.”
A few days later I added the following, again in reference to the Vice President.
"If the short man doesn’t resign within six months they will soon be sending him to wash toilets. You came in on the same ticket, you sold your soul, you betrayed your people, your tribe, your region and your faith and you sucked your boss’ rectum for four years!
Look at what you got in return! Shame on you!”
Two months down the line both tweets have proved to be prophetic. They also signified the beginning of the end for our Pastor and Professor.
Over the last two months, despite all pretentions to the contrary, things have gone downhill for him and he appears to be a drowning man. It is only a matter of time before the final offensive and assault is unleashed against him by his traducers in the Presidency, the axe falls and he is finally thrown out.
I have been reliably informed that three names, all from the South West, have been penned down and are all being considered as his possible replacement. If this proves to be true I would not be the least bit surprised because those that ride on the back of the tiger always end up in its stomach.
The question that arises is what our reaction ought to be to the way the Vice President is being treated.
In this respect, insightful, sensible and refreshing are the words of Chief Yinka Odumakin, the erudite and courageous spokesman of Afenifere, when he said, on behalf of the Omo Karo Jires and the sons and daughters of Oduduwa, that
"Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is being humiliated and NOT the South West. He has never supported the South West since he became Vice President". (Sunday Vanguard, 10th November 2019).
I wholeheartedly concur.
I am also encouraged by the fact that Baba Ayo Adebanjo, the number two man in Afenifere, one of the most reverred and respected elders and leaders in Nigeria and a man that I am prepared to follow into battle blindfolded, said that he had told Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Vice President Osinbajo to "leave the APC".
He said, "I don't want to be dragged into the issue. What has he done that the South West has benefitted from? I am 91 years old and all I want is a better Nigeria. I have told Tinubu and Osinbajo to leave the APC". (Sunday Vanguard, 10th November 2019).
These are wise words and faultless counsel. The consequences of not heeding them, at least for Osinbajo, are now manifest for all to see and sadly the chickens are coming home to roost.
It is Osinbajo's turn to be exposed, grilled, humiliated, rubbished and dumped by the cabal today but, mark my words, it will be Tinubu's tomorrow. They shall both reap the consequences of what they have sown and the choices they made.
I do not relish in the travails of Osinbajo and to a certain extent I pity him but what I will not do is defend him in the name of South Western or Southern solidarirty or anything else. In my view he simply does not deserve that kind of support and it irks and irritates me to no end when others try to give it to him.
For example when Professor Banji Akintoye, a notable elder and respected leader from the South West who has displayed immense fortitude in recent times and who I have immense respect for, says that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo should not be treated badly by President Muhammadu Buhari because he is a son of Oduduwa, I really do wonder.
When he says he is watching events unfold I wonder what he really believes he can do to save the Vice President from the consequences of his own shameless behaviour, cowardly disposition, ignoble foibles, treacherous actions and dishoborable choices.
Osinbajo willingly opted and eagerly chose to be an eager slave to Nigeria's third and most dangerous Mahdi and to her last Amalekite King and such choices come with dire and divine consequences.
Permit me to qoute Professor Akintoye in full. He said,
"We are watching events unfold with keen interest. We are taking note of what is happening to them. Nobody should make the mistake of thinking that the "Yoruba" (his word) will be watching and allow their son to be degraded and dehumanised. It will be very difficult to advise Osinbajo because he holds a high office but my advice to him is to stick in there and let us see what they will do, then they will see what WE will do". (Sunday Vanguard, 10th November 2019).
The question here is who are the "we"? Maybe Osinbajo's shrinking circle and coterie of friends, family, loyalists and supporters but kindly leave the rest of us out. The rest of us do not wish to get involved and neither do we care!
With the greatest respect, on this particular matter Professor Akintoye certainly does not speak for me or for any of those that share my views. He may have his opinion and he is certainly entitled to it but I also have mine and so do millions of others.
In any case does he know the atrocities that Osinbajo has secretly committed against the South West and indeed the entire South behind closed doors over the last few years?
Does he know how many sons and daughters of Oduduwa that he is trying to bring to their knees and destroy? Does he know what he did to Prince Deji Adeyanju, a fellow Oduduwan? Does he know the role he played in the arrest and prolonged detention of Omoyele Sowore, another son of the Anago?
Does he know how many sons and daughters of the South West Osinbajo is trying to send to jail for no just cause and for doing nothing wrong other than the fact that they refused to bend the knee and bow to his principal Muhammadu Buhari and simply because he wants to sacrifice them and please his northern masters?
Does he know how many sons and daughters of Oduduwa he has locked up and detained unlawfully? Does he know how mich wickedness he has infllicted on his own Karo Jire kinsmen?
Does he know the disdain and contempt he has shown Oduduwans, southerners and Christians, who he is meant to represent on the presidential ticket, over the last few years.
Sentiment ought to be left out of this. There is nothing worse than a traitor and Osinbajo is the greatest and biggest traitor to the Oduduwan and southern cause in Nigerian history.
A man that opted to align with and support those that oppposed the proscription of Boko Haram? A man that said we should pray for Fulani herdsmen as they rape and slaughter our wives and children?
A man that said the mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing of our people by the Fulani militias in Nigeria was exagerrated?
A man that travelled abroad and said all African countries are corrupt? A man that poured scorn and insults on all those that stood up to the tyranny and hegemony of his Fulani masters over the last four years?
A man that refused to see the President of CAN in his first 3 years in office as Vice President and only spoke to him through the Villa chaplain? A man that spent the better part of the last 4 years trying to weaken, discredit and destroy CAN?
A man that celebrated and encouraged the slaughter of IPOB members, including women and children? A man who stood by silently and turned a blind eye whilst his security aides beat up a journalist at the Presidential Villa and smashed his camera?
A man that sold his soul to the devil and served the Fulani cabal to the best of his ability. A man that has sat by silently as the Judiciary, Natiional Assembly and all our reverred institutions and lesders in the south and Middle Belt are rubbished?
A man that has told all manner of lies against President Olusegun Obasanjo, President Goodluck Jonathan, Vice President Atiku Abubakar and countless other opposition leaders brandishing them as corrupt and unfit for public office whilst he serves the most corrupt, racist, vicious,, sectional and oppressive Government in our entire history?
A man that insulted Afenifere leaders and those that called for restructuring and desctibed them as jobless people that are just seeking for relevamce? A man that insulted his own in-law, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, by saying he was wrong when he described Nigeria as a mere geograohical expression?
A man that has betrayed his owm mentor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu? A man that that used his Redeemrd Church and his spiritual dather to split Christendom and help put in place an eviil Anti-Christ Governmrnt.
I have no sympathy for Osinbanjo and I do not think any southermer, Middle Belter or Christian that is in his right mind oight to either.
He is a disgrace to Oduduwa, to the south, to the Church, to Christendom and to the God that He claims to love and serve. Worse of all he is a worthless coward! A man that considers his political career as being more important than the life of a believer.
A man that said nothing when a lady Pastor from his own Redeemed Church was murderd by islamists and jihadists in cold bllod right on his doorstep in Abuja?
A man that lacks courage, wisdom, humanity, decency, charity and compassion.
Is that realy a man or is he just a whimp? Is that a servant of God? Is that a believer?
I say to hell with such a man. He dies not deserve any support or sympathy from any quarter. He entered into a demonic Faustian pact gladly and willingly in 2015 when he joined Buhari. We warnrd him but he woild not listen. He wined and dined with the devil and now the devil has come for his soul.
I say let him perish with it. No-one can resist the judgement of God and it will take a lot more than Professor Akintoye to save him from that.
Those that speak for him in tte name of Oduduwa solidarity would do well to do their homework about this man. They should speak for themselves and not me.
Osinbajo made his bed and he should be allowed to lie in it. If he had any decency he would have resigned by now but he lacks self-respect and honor so he can never do so.
He is motivated by nothing but greed and ambition and that greed and ambitiin will surely destroy and consume him.
Permit me to end this contribution with the following which I believe captures Osinbajo's status as an errand boy that is unworthy of our support rather well. It was sent to me by a friend. He wrote,
1. His helicopter crashed but instead of him to proceed to a hospital his boss asked him to continue sharing trader money.
2. A. Senior Advocate of Nigeria and Professor of Law, yet under him lawlessness is practiced: he deputises for a fellow who has no proof of both primary and secondary education.
3. They took a Bill to the United Kingdom for your boss to sign and publicised it to further humiliate you.
4. As an ERRAND boy, your boss sent a junior Minister to represent him in an event that you were present.
5. A real ERRAND boy... They have removed all your aides from Aso Villa to a rented apartment in Maitama.
6. ERRAND boy, you went and knelt before Abba Kyari to stop the criminal investigation against you.
7. We told you this would happen but you refused to listen. Today, your two bosses, Tinubu and Buhari, are against you.
8. As for your Pastorship, well, we don't know again.
9. Sorry! With this latest humiliation of taking a document to an ailing man without recourse to you, it serves as a confirmation that you are now a certified ERRAND boy.
10. The latest is that your boss has now sacked 35 of your aides in your office. Are you waiting for them to lock you out of Aguda House before you resign and go back home to Ikenne?
11. We don't pity you. You opted for it. While he's in the United Kingdom he sent you to his village Daura to attend the turbanning/coronation of an unknown Chief. So sad! We pray you receive sense.
This is pretty strong stuff and it begs the following question: does this errand boy, traitor and turncoat sound like anyone that we should stick our necks out for? I doubt it very much.
Pastor Reno Omokri, the American-based author of numerous best-selling books and President Goodluck Jonathan's former Special Assistant on Social Media put it in a clear and succinct way and captured the mood and thoughts of millions when he tweeted the following:
"They reduced you to VP Academics.
They turned you to Minister of Condolence.
They make you Market Women Coordinator.
They convert you to an AUDIO VP!
Is it until they give you toilet to wash that you will have some self respect?"
Reno has hit the nail on the head. Frankly I couldn't have put it better myself.
I would have offered a prayer for the Villa errand boy but a powerful Daughter of Zion by the name of Pastor Amaka Oforbuike reminded me that "interceding for a wicked man to succeed and prosper is an abomination before the throne of God!"
She concluded by saying, "there is no peace for the wicked!"
She is absolutely right. They say when a devious fiend is being tortured and brought to its knees by its senior demons it howls loudly. Happy howling Mr. Vice President!

Super Eagles Head coach, Gernot Rohr has warned Nigerian not to underrate Benin when his side face the West African team today in the AFCON 2021 qualifying match.

Rohr, whose side boasts very young and pacy players, coached the Super Eagles to impressive results against Ukraine and Brazil last month, but has warned Nigerians not to take the very defensive-minded Benin for granted, as they are a threat on the counter when they decide to sit back and defend.

Rohr speaking to reporters during the pre-match press conference in Uyo, said : ''We try always to bring the best team, our two games you spoke about were very difficult games against great teams but not African teams, the football was different and the two teams played very offensively so we had space and we need that in our team for our quick wingers and strikers, we enjoy it.


''It will not be the same game perhaps tomorrow because Benin Republic as a team play well defensively, you saw them play in the AFCON competition, they did so well, they eliminated Morocco for example and it will be different.

''Our two games were good games but it is dangerous to believe now we played well in these two games it will be easy against Benin, it will be more difficult because it is a different team, different football and we only have one day but it's the same for them.
''When you play at home, you leave some complicity in your play so I hope that with one training session, everybody together,  we will be able to have a good performance.

''If we play well, with our quality, nice pitch, we did not go there yesterday with our 14 players for the training, I hope the pitch will be good to play good football like we did in the last two games but in a different way because African football is not the same''.

There's been a lot of talk about Rohr's late substitutions in matches and he explained his reasons for not making changes till the dying minutes of matches.

The Franco-German tactician explained : ''I prefer to wait to be sure to make good replacements than to go quickly.
''I let the players the chance to show themselves, I have confidence in the team starting the game and then to bring somebody out if there is no injury.
''I must be sure that we have better possibilities to be stronger without the people starting the game but I think we changed six players in Singapore, it was the maximum.
''In Ukraine also, we saw a lot of people, now we have the chance to have two games which means that we can see a lot of players also.
''The players are happy when they play but we are 23, we can only play 14 in official games. Like you see the spirit in the team is good and they admit some other players can start in their place.''

Angry Nigerians have condemned the reported ban of Tricycles 'Keke' in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.

Earlier today (Nov.12), residents were thrown into confusion as they trekked long distances to get to their workplaces due to the sudden ban on commercial Tricycle operators. 

While the Federal Government is yet to release a statement regarding the ban, the National President of Tricycle Owners Association, Austin Apeh, and Chairman, Welfare Enforce Enforcement in FCT, Thomas Danjuma, confirmed the ban while speaking to journalists during a protest by Tricycle operators.

They also claimed that mass arrests are being made to detain whoever fails to comply with the sudden restriction order.

See how Nigerians are reacting on Twitter below. 

Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles

Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles Nigerians react to reports of ban on Tricycles


Tamar Braxton has issued a statement clarifying her initial comment about men's sexuality, while also offering what seems like an apology for her comments.

The singer took to Instagram on Monday, November 11, to make a post about men's sexuality. In the post, she said a number of men are gay and advised women that if a man lays with them for days and doesn't touch them, he's most likely gay.

A day later, her Nigerian boyfriend, David Adefeso took to Instagram to share a cryptic post about closing one door in order to have another open for you. His post coming shortly after hers sparked speculations that all may not be well in their relationship.

But Tamar has now clarified things on her Instagram Stories. She explained that her statement about men's sexuality has nothing to do with her and David.

She wrote: "Ya’ll know I’m going live…If you are in ya bag, ya shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t have been in My feelings, & ranted on social media based off a conversation with my friends. I was talking about me but not me and David. I’ve been through a lot. This is why I stay on my fake page."

"I was talking about me but not me and David" Tamar Braxton apologizes for the comment she made about men

A woman and her half-brother have been jailed for life for killing their two sons and trying to kill four other children they had through an incestuous relationship.

Sarah Barrass and her half-brother Brandon Machin had six children together but tried to murder them all rather than hand them over to the care system.

The couple's two eldest sons Blake, 14 and Tristan, 13, were found dead on their bunk beds at home in Sheffield when police arrived in May.  

Parents who killed their two sons and tried to kill their four other children are jailed for life as itBlake Barrass

Parents who killed their two sons and tried to kill their four other children are jailed for life as it
Tristan Barrass

It was later discovered that they had been strangled and suffocated by Barrass and Machin, while the other kids had been drugged. This was an effort by the siblings to stop their kids from being taken into care. 

Barrass, 35, and Machin, 39, were today both jailed for life and ordered to serve at least 35 years behind bars before they can apply for parole.

The court heard how the siblings hatched a plan to kill all of their six children. Sheffield Crown Court heard today that they grabbed Blake and Tristan, with Machin strangling Blake whilst Barrass strangled Tristan, using a dressing gown cord. The pair then swapped victims and placed black bin liners over their heads "to make sure" they were dead.

She then portioned out ADHD medication to the youngest children.

The court heard that Barrass expected them to die during the night and she even took to Facebook to make posts that the children had caught a sickness bug.

Parents who killed their two sons and tried to kill their four other children are jailed for life as it

When the children survived the night Barrass called Machin at his home nearby and they carried out their murderous plan in the early morning of May 25th. When both Blake and Tristan were dead, Barrass and Machin tried to drown one of the younger children in the bath, but he somehow managed to struggle free.

Barrass later called the police and tried to blame Machin for the murders of Blake and Tristan. However, when police arrived she initially told them that the boys were not in the house. It was one of the younger children who gestured to officers that the boys were dead by drawing a finger across his throat.

The younger children, despite vomiting and suffering hallucinations, survived the attempt to kill them and recovered in intensive care.

Machin later told police that the murders were Barrass's idea, claiming in interview that she said: "They need to die now, I'd rather kill them and kill myself than lose them to care. I gave them life and I can take it away."

Barrass later told the police in interview that she had strangled Tristan for up to three minutes whilst he shouted "stop" and his arms and legs were thrashing. Blake came into the room and was screaming "Mum is killing Tristan", the court was told.

Also in police interview, Barrass told how she tried to drown one of her younger children in the bath. She said: "He was struggling and crying and screaming why are you trying to kill me?"

The court heard that Barrass initially requested help with her children from the local authority.

The mother-of-six reportedly sent a message to a friend, in which she said: "I've thought of every possible solution to this mess. Mass murder, putting them all in care, checking in to the local nut house.

"I love my kids too much to kill them, I can't put them into care for the same reason."

Mourning the slain brothers who were buried in a shared coffin, the boys' young cousin, Storm said at their funeral: "I know this is a sad time but, in my heart, I will always remember my cousins. I know they will always be waiting for me at heaven's door."

On Tuesday, November 12, Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodríguez threw a superhero-themed party for their daughter, Alana Martina, who turned 2-year-old.

The Juventus and Portuguese striker took to Instagram to share cute birthday photos of his daughter posing with her mother and her other siblings while they were all dressed in superhero costumes. 

Photos from Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo's three other children, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, and twins Eva and Mateo were born via surrogacy

Princess Haya arrived at the High Court today where she is battling her estranged husband, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum over custody of their children and to prevent one being forced into an arranged marriage.

This comes months after it was reported that the Dubai ruler suspects his wife of having "inappropriate contact" with her British bodyguard when he found them together during a surprise visit to their London home

The Jordan-born royal, 45, claims to have fled Dubai with their two children "in fear of her life" after becoming estranged from the 70-year-old billionaire ruler of Dubai.

Today, November 12, the estranged couple battled at the High Court in London in a full family division hearing with the case expected to last until the end of the week.

Though Princess Haya attended the court hearing, the Sheik stayed away again.

Princess Haya arrives in court to battle with billionaire Dubai ruler husband Sheik Al Maktoum for custody of their children and to stop
Princess Haya today

It is being heard by the president of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, and is not related to any financial matters or a divorce.

Princess Haya has applied for a non-molestation order - designed to help victims of domestic violence keep abusers away - and a forced marriage protection order in relation to the children. These can be made to protect a person from being forced into a marriage and could also prevent someone from being taken abroad for a wedding. The issue of custody will also be decided in a ruling expected later this month.

There was no sign of her billionaire husband for the hearing before the President of the Family Division. This is the third time Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has failed to attend a hearing that will determine the fate of his two children. 

The case was adjourned at 3pm until tomorrow morning with any reporting of today's hearing banned, Daily Mail reports.

The press is not allowed to report the names and ages of the children or most details of the proceedings being published until after the judgment in the coming weeks. Even witnesses due to attend cannot be identified. 

Princess Haya and Sheik Mohammed got married in 2004, in what is believed to be the Sheik's 6th marriage. Sheik Mohammed is the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai.

A thief got more than he bargained for as he got visited by over 500 millipedes after being written a letter to return all he stole. 

The incident reportedly occurred at 240 Abak road after Ikot Okubo market in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State's capital. The thief was told to return all he stole within two days or he dies. 

Facebook user Kingsley Achugbu wrote "Happening Now: Beside 240 Abak road close to Uddy King filling station immidatly after Ikot Okubo market, a00e young man that has been identify as a thief a specialist in breaking and entering; into peoples apartment to Cart away their belonging received strange matured millipede numbering more than 500 inside his house why some where within the walls and floor of his house outside parading round the compound. Attached is a copy of the latter in front of the house showing what he was alleged to have stolen and to be returned within two (2) days or he die.
Come see mystical power in action."

Akwa Ibom thief was visited by over 500 millipedes and given a
Akwa Ibom thief was visited by over 500 millipedes and given a
Akwa Ibom thief was visited by over 500 millipedes and given a
Akwa Ibom thief was visited by over 500 millipedes and given a

A policeman who connived with an unnamed drug trafficker to supply 59kg of prohibited Tramadol tablets to Boko Haram insurgents in Gwoza community of Borno state, has been arrested by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Yobe. 

The suspects were arrested on November 7 and they reportedly confessed to buying the banned drug from a customs officer in Lagos.

Speaking to newsmen in Damaturu, NDLEA state Commander Reuben Apeh said the drugs were part of consignments seized by the Nigeria customs during its operations in Lagos. 

“He confessed hiring the policeman to convey the drugs to Maiduguri before proceeding to Gwoza to supply suspected terrorists.
“He claimed that the drugs were part of consignments seized by the Nigeria customs during its operations in Lagos, and were sold to him at the cost of N6 million, while the actual market value stands at N24 million.
“We are still working on him to provide us with the details of the alleged customs officer and another accomplice he claimed was based in Ijora, Lagos.
“The drugs were transported from Lagos to Jos, and handed over to the policeman for delivery to Maiduguri, where he (trafficker ) will take it to suspected terrorists in Gwoza,” Apeh said.

A report by the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) has revealed that most states across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria are yet to fully implement the Federal Government’s Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS).

According to the report made available to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday, only six states and the FCT have fully implemented the scheme with regular and up-to-date remittance of pension contributions, the establishment of a pension bureau and enactment of pension law.  

The report, signed by PENCOM spokesman, Peter Aghahowa, said the six states as at September 2019 are Kaduna, Anambra, Ekiti, Ondo, Edo and Delta. In the North-Cenral Zone, only FCT has established a pension bureau and is up-to-date with remittances of pension contributions, while Benue, Kogi and Nasarawa have enacted CPS laws but have no pension bureaus in place.  

Although Niger has established a pension bureau, it suspended implementation of the CPS in April 2015 and has since stopped remitting pension contributions. Kwara and Plateau are yet to enact CPS law.  

Five states in the North-East zone, comprising Borno, Adamawa, Bauchi, Gombe and Taraba, are yet to commence remitting pension contributions while Yobe is still operating Defined Benefits Scheme. Also in North-East Zone, only Adamawa, Gombe and Taraba have enacted CPS laws but none has yet established a pension bureau.  In the North-West Zone, only Kaduna had fully implemented CPS with regular and up-to-date remittance of pension contributions, establishment of pension bureau, registration of employees with PFAs and consistent funding of accrued rights with 5 per cent of total monthly bill.  

Of all the North-West states, only Katsina neither enacted CPS law nor established pension bureau, while Jigawa and Kebbi which had pension bureaus, were only remitting portions of the pension contributions. Kano, without a pension board, was deducting pension contributions under the management of the board of trustees and yet to transfer the pension asset to a licensed pension operator.

In the South-East Zone, PENCOM reports that except for Anambra which is fully complying with the implementation of the CPS scheme, others such as Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo had not keyed into the scheme.  

The Commission said that in the South-West zone, Ekiti and Ondo were remitting pension contributions, Ogun and Osun had huge backlogs, Lagos did not provide information on its remittance, while Oyo was yet to commence remittance of pension contributions.  

According to PENCOM, all the South West States have, however, enacted CPS laws and established pensions bureaus.  In the South-South, Edo and Delta were up-to-date in their pension contributions, while Rivers and Bayelsa were yet to commence remittance of pension contributions.

Two Policemen were on Tuesday shot dead by unknown gunmen along the Otuogidi community in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

The hoodlums carted away the riffles of their victims creating apprehension in the state few days to the Saturday governorship election.

But the 32,000 policemen detailed by the Inspector-General of Police to monitor the election began arriving in the state.

The activities of the policemen were to be supervised by 15 Commissioners of Police, three Assistant Inspectors-General (AIG) of Police and the Deputy Inspectors-General of Police (DIG) deployed in the state for the poll.

Some of the Commissioners of Police are Garba Baba Umar, Sanusi Buba, Bello Makwashi, Usman Sule Gomina, Mohammed Gimba, Bashir Makama, Habu Sani and Danladi Bitrus Lalas, Omololu Bishi, Joseph Mukan and an Acting Police Commissioner Odumosu Olusegun among others.

It was gathered that the attack on the policemen occurred at a checkpoint close to the Bayelsa State College of Health Technology located in Ogbia.

The attack reportedly left one of the policemen dead on the spot while the second policeman died at an undisclosed hospital.

But the DIG of Police on Bayelsa Election, Anthony Ogbizi , assured the people of the State of their safety and promised that the security personnel would ensure level-playing ground for the INEC to conduct a free, fair and credible election.

Also speaking, Bishi called on the people to come out en masse to cast their votes for their preferred candidates on Saturday election.

“Anybody that wins the election is a son of the soil and not a stranger. There is no need for anyone to fight because no office is worth the blood of the people”, he said.

No fewer 20 persons were reportedly crushes to death after a trailer loaded with farming produce overran several tricycles popularly known as Keke Napep, Tuesday, at Vinikling bridge (Hayin Gada) in Yola, Adamawa State.

Residents said  that the accident was caused by police officers, who were pursuing the truck driver for refusing to give them money.

A resident of Viniklang, Malam Umar Shehu, said he participated in evacuation of corpses to the hospital in Yola.

According to him, the explanation the police gave was that, they were chasing the truck driver for carrying goods suspected to be foreign rice, a situation which led to the unfortunate incident, resulting in the death of many.

“But, there was no foreign rice in the truck, it was farm produce. The driver said they were chasing him for refusing to give them money at a checkpoint the police mounted,” Umar said.

One of the passengers, a student at the Modibo Adama University, who identified himself as Salisu Ibrahim said narrowly escaped death by whiskers.

“I did not know what happened, but we suddenly saw the truck coming with speed and police van was pursuing it. All of us in our Keke Napep jumped out and fled, the driver lost control and the truck began to hit other Keke Napep and crushing people before our very own eyes. It was horrific,” Ibrahim said.

Several attempts to get Othman Abubakar, the Police Public Relations Officer in Adamawa to speak but his phone was switched off at the time of this report.
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