A 20-year-old former Guinean Muslim, Grace Koulibaly took to Facebook to raise an alarm over an alleged persecusation after converting Christianity, an incident that made her flee to Nigeria. 

The permanent legal resident of the United States who converted to Christianity 3 years ago, said her family recently came back to Guinea for a vacation which she claimed was a plan to force her back to Islam. Grace said her family took away her International passport, green card, social security, all other forms of documents, her phone and all the money she had three days after arriving Guinea. 

However after she refused re-converting to Islam, she was told by her family that it's either it goes their own way or she gets killed. Grace revealed that she is currently hiding somewhere in Nigeria as the police and the Guinean embassy are looking for her to take her back to Guinea after she escaped from the custody of an Islamic cleric. 

Stating that she decided to flee to Nigeria for safety and was not abducted by anyone, Grace also said that her family filed a case of abduction against the Pastor of Rapture Ready Endtime Ministry who took her in. 

She wrote; 

My name is Saran Koulibaly, also known as Grace. I am a Guinean and a permanent legal resident of the United States. I am an ex Muslim. 3 years ago, while in the U.S. I converted to become a Christian. I didn’t convert to Christianity because anyone forced me to, I chose to become a Christian based on a revelation I had of the Lord Jesus Christ. When I became a Christian I informed my family (who are Muslims) about it, but they were not pleased with it, they did everything for me to revert to Islam, which included physical abuse. I had to run away from home and stay with a friend for a week. When I left home, my family called and told me they wanted me to come back home, and they were sorry for treating me they way they treated me, they told me they were ready to accept me as a Christian, so I came back home.
In July, my entire family decided to come back home for vacation in Guinea, so we all came for a vacation in Guinea, but it was actually a plan to force me back to Islam. Three days after my arrival in Guinea, my family took away my International passport, green card, social security, all other forms of documents, my phone and all the money I had. They told me, they brought me back to Guinea to force me back into Islam, they said they couldn’t do it while we were in the United States because they knew they were going to be arrested for imposing their religion on me.
As a Christian, I declared my stand to the whole family, I told them I cannot go back to Islam, and they shouldn’t force me to believe in something I no longer want to believe in, I have made up my mind to stand for Christ and nothing will make me go back. They were furious, they told me there is no such thing as a Muslim becoming a Christian, they told me it’s either I do it their own way or I get killed.
I was taking to a muslim priest, who advised me to come back to Islam or he would force me into it. I told him I can’t renounce Christ, and I am ready to die for Him. So the man used force, he told my parents to go out of the room, he pushed me against the floor, he held my mouth, and my nose for so long I couldn’t breathe I almost die, at that moment I told the Lord, “ if I die, please forgive me of all my sins and receive my soul into your kingdom” I didn’t think I was going to come out alive. but Grace will not die until my assignment on earth is over.
Afterwards, I was able to escape, when I had access to a phone I contacted my church, Rapture Ready Endtime Ministry, and told them I was in captivity that I needed their help to escape. By the grace of God, they helped me to escape. Since I had no passport to take a flight, I traveled by road for 6days from Guinea to Nigeria for safety. I came to Nigeria because it’s where my church is, and my life in my own country was in danger, my church didn’t or my pastor didn’t abduct me, they only helped me and provided a safe place for me when my life was in danger.
As I am writing this, I am actually hiding somewhere in Nigeria, the police and the Guinean embassy are looking for me to take me back to Guinea. They have filed a case of abduction against my pastor, which is FALSE, I was not abducted by anyone, I decided to flee to Nigeria for safety. As of now, they have detained him, and falsely accused him of abducting me.
They said, if I don’t come out they will not release him. I am sure once they lay eyes on me, they will detain me and take me forcefully to Guinea. I am afraid, because if I come out they are ready to forcefully take me back to Guinea. All I know is that if I find myself back in Guinea, it is over for me. I need to bring this out to the public notice because first of all, I don’t feel safe anymore, secondly, my rights are being violated. What’s happening to our human rights? Many are being killed silently and nothing is being done about it. Share everywhere until it gets to the authorities that will stand up to defend our rights.
Jesus is still on the throne. His name will be glorified in all the earth.

Kanye West became Forbes' highest paid hip-hop act for the first time in his career following the top 20 list for 2019 which was released on Thursday September 19. 

The list which charted pre-tax income from June 2018 through June of this year, had Kanye West whose Yeezy brand is expected to hit $1.5 billion in sales this year coming out on top with $150 million while Jay-Z took the No. 2 with $81 million. 

Kanye sat at No. 10 on the 2018 list with $27.5 million, but his impressive rise in earnings can be attributed to the success of Yeezy, his signature footwear collaboration with Adidas. 

Drake took the No. 3 spot on the list with $75 million. Diddy followed shortly behind at $70 million while Forbes newcomer Travis Scott brought in $58 million. Other hip-hop big weights that made the top 10 list include Eminem, DJ Khaled, Kendrick Lamar, Migos, and Childish Gambino. 

While Nicki Minaj and Cardi B who took the No. 12 and No. 13 respectively with $29 million and $28 million were the only female artistes in the top 20 list, Russ, Logic, Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi Vert, Birdman, Dr. Dre, and Chance the Rapper were notably absent

Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo who is the Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, has reacted to the backlash he received over his invitation to speak at a programme in the University of Lagos UNILAG.

MC Oluomo was invited by the  National Association of Geography Students, UNILAG chapter to give a speech at their function today September 19th  but the invitation was greeted with widespread criticism. Many Nigerians felt that MC Oluomo who is not educated, should not be given a platform in a citadel of learning such as the University of Lagos.

Reacting to the criticism, MC Oluomo who spoke through his aide, Jimoh Buhari, said he could did not attend the event again as he is currently in Abuja attending to urgent matters. He wondered why Nigerians would not want to give an opportunity to a person like him. Speaking, Oluomo said

“I don’t know the reason people are going against the invitation because the people who invited him knew what they wanted him to say. If he had gone there and said something wrong, then the critical reactions would have been justified.
“Is it a crime not to be educated? Should people who did not go to school go and commit suicide? I think that if someone did not go to school and has a large following, it is enough reason for people to invite him to occasions. Those who invited him for the event had a strong reason for doing it.
“People are judging MC Oluomo based on hearsay. You don’t judge a book by its cover. We are also making efforts to change the negative impression people have about him.”

The Nigerian literati on Twitter are currently divided as two bigwigs in the literary community go at each other on the platform.

BBC's Ruona Meyer, whose documentary "Sweet Sweet Codeine" received an Emmy Award, and internationally acclaimed writer Elnathan John, author of Born on a Tuesday, began dragging each other because of Elnathan's tweets calling out Nigerian writers for associating with Nigerian politicians even after they have arrested a writer for speaking truth to power.

Elnathan, while demanding for the release of government critic Dadiyata who was abducted from his home in Kaduna and is still missing, called out Kaduna state governor El-Rufai. Elnathan pointed out that El-Rufai threatened to arrest people who write against him and his state, yet same El-Rufai hosted writers at a literary event in Kaduna and writers attended and didn't demand for the release of their colleague.

Well, Ruona apparently felt attacked by the tweets and she called out Elnathan then even went as far as bringing up his sexual history. She said he was in no place to call out Nigerian writers living in Nigeria when he is safely living in Germany. She called him a hypocrite for accepting and celebrating his book, BoaT, being shortlisted by the NLNG, an "entity", she says, has been "directly accused of fraud and murder in the Niger Delta".

This quickly escalated to a full-blown Twitter war as Elnathan replied her.

The Nigerian literati have now taken sides, with some calling out Ruona for being homophobic by bringing up Elnathan's sexual choices to derail from the information he's trying to pass across. While some took Ruona's side and thanked her for pointing out Elnathan's "hypocrisy".

Below are some of the tweets on the matter.

Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC

Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC
Nigerian literary community divided as two bigwigs, BBC

TV star Thomas Middleditch has revealed having sex with others saved his marriage after he asked his wife for an open relationship.

The actor, who appears in Silicon Valley, said he spoke to his wife Mollie Gates shortly after they got married when he noticed his urge to have sex with other people didn't go away.

His wife was in support of swinging and they made their marriage open. Middleditch and Mollie now attend swinging parties, but he admitted it is easier for him to find women to sleep with because of his fame.

The star told Playboy: "I don’t know how much I can say, because I don’t want my wife to be mad at me. Only after I got married was I like, 'Mollie, I’m sorry, but we have to get nontraditional here.'

"To her credit, instead of saying 'f**k you, I’m out,' she was like, 'let’s figure this out'.

"To be honest, swinging has saved our marriage. We have different speeds, and we argue over it constantly, but it’s better than feeling unheard and alone and that you have to scurry in the shadows."

The Godzilla: King of the Monsters star said being "part of the lifestyle" wasn't something he wanted but admitted it was "part of me".

Middleditch added: "I self-deprecatingly call myself a pervert, but that's not what it is. I just like it. I'm sexual."

He insisted he loved his costume designer wife Mollie "like I've never loved anyone before".

He told the magazine that they have "strict rules"  about the open relationship and work together as a "unit". 

He added: "There's a lot of negotiation, and adding fame sometimes makes it easier and sometimes complicates things.

"My first concern is Mollie. Anything that happens has to be run by the queen."

Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher, Felipe Vazquez has admitted he had sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl. 

The 28-year-old Venezuelan professional baseball star who was arrested on Tuesday, September 17, said he drove to the house of the girl in 2017 and engaged in sexual activity with her in his car.

According to a criminal complaint released by the Pennsylvania State Police, Vazquez admitted that he had sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl hours before a game in 2017 and exchanged nude photographs and videos with her.

He has been charged with three felonies, including statutory sexual assault and unlawful contact with a minor. The age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16.

Vazquez was also charged with computer pornography offenses in Florida.

In the criminal complaint, Vazquez told police that the girl first contacted him on Instagram in 2017, but an incident report from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said Vazquez met the girl in person at the Pirates’ stadium, where the two took a picture together outside the bullpen. 

He reportedly told authorities he initially declined to communicate with the girl on social media because of how young she looked, but after she began sending him nude photographs, he responded by sending her nude photographs of himself.

The authorities said at a news conference that the girl, who is now 15, was the victim in both the Pennsylvania and Florida cases. Vazquez was held without bond in an Allegheny County jail after a judge denied him bail on Tuesday.

The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) Chairman in Adamawa State, Comrade Rodney Nathan has debunked claims of a teacher raping a 12-year-old schoolgirl in Namtari.

The NUT Chairman also revealed that the schoolgirl was a student of Government Secondary School and the suspect was a primary school teacher in a village in Adamawa State. He further stated that it was too early for the Adamawa Police command and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps to conclude that it was rape as the 12-year-old student had keys to the the teacher's house as at the time of his arrest. 

He further argued that they were lovers for at least six months before it was discovered that the schoolgirl was pregnant.

The NUT chairman contended that “One cannot call a mutual relationship between a schoolgirl and her teacher who are mutually in love a rape case.
He added that the fact that the girl was “carrying a six-month pregnancy, (was) an indication that a long-term relationship had existed between the teacher and the schoolgirl.”
The NUT chairman asked, “At what point did the rape take place, was it six months ago, or now that it was discovered the schoolgirl is carrying a six-month pregnancy?”

He also blamed the girl’s parents and the village who according to him allegedly knew about the affair but did nothing to discourage it.

A 25-year-old man identified as Kehinde Muse, has committed suicide after his girlfriend called off their relationship yesterday Wednesday September 18th.

A statement from the spokesperson of the Lagos state police command, Bala Elkana, says the deceased who resides at Number 56 Modele Street Surulere, locked himself in his room and drank poisonous substance known as sniper . He was rushed to Hospital but died on arrival.

Preliminary investigation revealed that  the deceased person earlier sent a suicide text message to his ex girlfriend, Rasheedat Damilola Animashaun ‘f’ 21 years old, informing her that he will take his life since she decided to quit the relationship.  The ex-girlfriend promptly informed his family about the text message he sent to her and they rushed to his house, broke the door and found him unconscious. He was rushed to the  hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

His corpse has been deposited in the mortuary for autopsy. 

Ousted President of Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali died on Thursday September 19, while on exile in Saudi Arabia. 

Before his death, Ben Ali has been in intensive care unit of an unmentioned hospital for three months after battling prostate cancer for years. He died at the age of 83, days to a free presidential election in his homeland. 

"Ben Ali just died in Saudi Arabia," family lawyer Mounir Ben Salha told Reuters news agency by phone.

Tunisia's foreign minister, Khemaies Jhinaoui also confirmed the death of Ben Ali who ruled Tunisia for 23 years and amassed an enormous fortune.

Some claimed that the former Tunisan autocrat who came to power in November 1987 after convincing doctors to declare that the previous president-for-life Habib Bourguiba was senile and unfit to rule, took one-and-a-half tonnes of gold with him to Saudi Arabia, stolen from Tunisia's central bank.

Ben Ali fled Tunisia in January 2011 as his compatriots rose up against his oppressive rule in a revolution that inspired other Arab Spring uprisings abroad and led to a democratic transition at home.

The House of Representatives has asked the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN to suspend the charges imposed on cash deposits in the implementation of its cashless policy.

The order for the suspension of the policy was issued during plenary today eptember 19th. Recall that in a circular released on Tuesday September 17th, the CBN directed all deposit money banks in the country to charge 3% processing fees for withdrawals and 2% for deposits of amounts above N500,000 for individual accounts. The apex bank also directed that all corporate account holders will be charged 5% processing fees for withdrawals and 3% for deposits of amounts above N3 million.

At the plenary session today, the lawmakers said the policy, if allowed, will lead to a significant decrease in credit extension by Nigerian money deposit banks. The lawmakers also said the policy will have negative impacts on small and medium enterprises “which are clearly the engine room for growth of the economy”.

Calls for the suspension was contained in a motion unanimously adopted during Thursday’s plenary, which was moved by Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Benjamin Kalu. The motion was entitled, ‘Need to Suspend the Implementation of the Cashless Policy on Deposits by the Central Bank of Nigeria.’

Adopting the motion, the lawmakers resolved to urge the CBN to “suspend the implementation of the cashless policy on deposits which has taken effect from Wednesday, 18th September, 2019, until appropriate and extensive consultative process is concluded.”

They also resolved to mandate the House Committee on Banking and Currency to interface with the CBN to “ascertain the propriety, relevance and the actual need for the implementation of that aspect of the cashless policy at this time, considering the prevailing economic situation of the country and to report back to the House within four weeks.”

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