A bride-to-be was shocked to find a secret message from her late mum written on the soles of her wedding shoes.
Emma, 38, who is due to get married in August this year, received her wedding shoes last week and became emotional when she saw her mum's message written on the sole.

Emma's mother was diagnosed with cancer one month after Emma got engaged to Richard. She died in 2017.
Her mother had been given one to two years to live after being diagnosed with lung cancer, Emma said. She had written letters to some members of the family, but "ran out of time" before she could write one to her daughter.

Emma said planning her wedding without her mother was hard. But, to her surprise, a gift came in the post from her mother. 
Emma told the BBC: "It’s been so hard planning a wedding without having her with me, and I have had lots of tears."
Written on the soles of the shoes was the message:

Wanted you to have a gift from me on your wedding day. Your wedding shoes are my gift to you.
Hope you have a magical day.
Lots and lots of love and big hugs, MUM xxxx.

Emma said: "I had absolutely no idea, my fiancĂ© knew about it. It was just an absolute shock. I pulled out the one shoe and I saw part of the message and I couldn’t think who it would be."
She said that when she realised it was from her mum: "I started to cry… I was just absolutely in bits. ‘I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk."
Emma shared her story and a picture of the shoes to Facebook, where she got lots of support from web users.

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