American model and Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey, who had a lipoma tumor removed from her back last year, took to her Instagram to share a back-shot of her surgery mark covered with a bandage along with the huge tumor that was removed.

Reality star Cynthia Bailey shares graphic photo of removed tumor from her back
Sharing the photos and reflecting on the surgery, the 52-year-old mother of one wrote:
'Last year this time, I had a lipoma tumor removed from my back. Thank God it was non-cancerous. However, I can't help but wonder sometimes what if it had been. My life could have changed overnight. Woke up feeling so blessed and full of gratitude this morning. I do not take my life, or my health for granted.
I choose to focus on the things that are healthy for my mind, body, spirit and soul. Remove all stress & toxicity. When God wants your attention, he will get it. At first, it may be a tap on the shoulder, then a punch in the shoulder, and then he may kick you down. Thank you God for continuously blessing me, and directing me towards love, light, and peace. I am forever humbled and grateful to you. 
Not my will, God’s will be done??#reflection #52cynt #gratitude #godsplan

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