A university drop-out has built a £2,000,000 investment trading business within 12 months of quitting his course and he is advising young people to drop out of school today.

Jake Lee, 20, said further education was ‘one of the biggest cons in the world’ and he has encouraged others to take a risk and quit their course. Jake left midway through his economics degree at Loughborough University.

He launched a business called Improve Your Future, which helps people make profits trading currency online. Jake now drives a £120,000 BMW i8 and has offices in Canary Wharf, London, Metro UK reports.

He said:

‘I had an amazing time at university and it was a big life experience – doing your own washing up and cooking dinner.

I was always a mummy’s boy and never experienced it before. ‘It made me grow up, but I was going out all the time and I lost my focus for business.

‘I’d say to others at university to sit there and think about the process you’ve been through to this point. ‘All it is about is passing exams, from GCSEs to A-levels and your degree.

‘It’s one of the biggest cons in the world. Society makes us believe it’s the right thing to do – I fell for it.

‘You have to be brave and take risks. It’s changed my life.’ Jake, from Borden, Kent, now employs seven permanent staff – all aged under 25 – and 13 other freelance workers, with plans to make more full-time roles in the coming months.

He dropped out in the second year of a four-year-course and began renting a desk at £150 a month. The trading business took off and was recently valued at £2,000,000.

He plans to increase that five-fold by the end of the year.

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  1. I don’t support the idea of stopping school. What works for him might not work for others

  2. Completely your school does not prevent you from achieving whatever you want to achieve

  3. What kind of an advice is that...what works for Mr A will definitely not work for Mr B



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