Ex-porn star, Mia Khalifa is engaged to chef Robert Sandberg, and he proposed to her in a very special way in Chicago.

According to Robert Sandberg, he hid the ring in a bowl of dried ingredients and Mia almost ate the ring with the ‘new serving.’

Well, Robert was on ground to warn her, and he proposed to her on the spot. She said YES.

Sharing the news on his Instagram page, Robert Sandberg wrote;

We went to Chicago this weekend and had a wonderful dinner at Smyth. I proposed to @miakhalifa and she said YES!
The ring was hidden in a bowl of dried ingredients and came out as a “new serving”. Mia was to curious and to eager to taste so she started to eat the inedible ingredients.
I told her not do it and then I put the ring on the finger. I love you so much❤️

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