Former Spice Girls star, Geri Halliwell has hit back at Mel B’s bombshell claims that they slept together back in the days.

She made the shock confession on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, that she slept with Geri, who is married to Formula One boss Christian Horner and has two children.
An insider close to Geri told The Sun, “This is typical Mel, running her mouth, but Geri is more than a bit miffed,” 
“Mel messaged the girls to tell them about what she had said after filming the interview, but she didn’t even say sorry. She needs to do some serious grovelling to make up with Geri. This isn’t something she’s going to forget easily.”

Her husband also laughed off the story and said he 'isn’t bothered' and 'was always aware how close Geri and Mel were. It’s in the past.'

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