Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo says 'It’s more spiritually damaging when you mas!turbate than fo!rnicate'

According to popular Ghanaian actress Efia Odo, It's better to fornicate than to masturbate.

In her tweet that's now gone viral, she wrote, 'It’s actually more spiritual damaging when you masturbate than fornicate. Yes they’re both the same act of “sin” but one is more spiritually devouring (masturbation). That’s self inflicting. Same thing like suicide and murder. To actually want to kill yourself! Self inflictions'.

She further explained that, 'masturbation is the cause of sexual release by thyself . Wether you are addicted to porn or addicted to looking at a sexy girls snap and she makes you wanna cum but you can’t get to her so you imagine her and cum'.


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