A driver of a Sienna was caught after killing a young boy in a hit-and-run incident in Afaha Offiong,  Akwa Ibom State on Sunday. 
Pastor Ab Isong, who pursued and caught the driver, narrated what had happened. 
Yesterday after preaching at a church in Eket, I had to dash back to Uyo in order to catch up with my radio program.
Approaching Afaha Offiong from Eket we saw a huge crowd gathered round a young boy in the pool of his blood.
Next I noticed was an elderly man charging towards the driver of the siena with a machete and the youths with clubs.
The driver dashed into his car and sped off, at that point I had to make a quick turn, beckoned the unconscious boy should be rushed to the nearest hospital since blood was gushing out of his mouth, nose and the cut on his head.
I continued in hot pursue of the almost hit and run vehicle, At some point, He diverted into a bush track and I had made up my mind that until I get him apprehended, there's no going back even to drive on top of water we go drive.
As God will have it, I caught up with him, Seized his car key and got the vehicle particulars.
I had to put a call across to the police control while keeping tap via the phone to know the true state of the boy.
Unfortunately he died at the the hospital. I had to take the guy with his car driven by one of my son to the police station at Ikot Nya where he was detained.
I feel so bad that this young life was cut off just like that.
Parents please do not send your kids on errand especially if it has to do with crossing an express road.
Today the family will go to the station to negotiate but pause and think.
How much can really be enough?
Rest in peace son... God knows best.
 Photo: Hit-and-run driver caught after killing young boy in Akwa Ibom

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