A 65-year-old man identified as Charles Tambala, has opened up on how he lost his wife’s Samsung Tablet to a prostitute after having sex with her.

Tambala, a truck driver, said he had known the lady identified as Blessing Manyaya for two years but on February 21 she played tricks on him after a sex bout at a lodge, H Metro reports.

“On February 21, I called her (Blessing) for our usual ‘treat’. “We met at a lodge in Kopje and after our ‘session’ I went to use the toilet as she waited outside.

“To my surprise when I left the toilet she was gone and I discovered she had taken my wife’s tablet I had carried for repairs with her.

“I then tried to call her several times on different occasions and she would dodge me,” he said.

Apparently, this was not the first time the lady had stolen from Tambala but it appears she had a hold on him as he kept going back to her.

“She once stole from me; she took my phone and transferred funds from my Eco Cash to her phone but I never took it seriously as she had a away around me and would convince me to forgive and make up.”

He added that he discovered all the places she had told him she stayed in their two years were all lies as he investigated and found out she did not stay in those areas.

“I don’t know where she stays and all the places she showed me were all fake. “I only know she is from Buhera that’s what she told me. “Other men should be careful of these kind of women so that they don’t lose their valuables,” he said.

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