Meghan Markle's half brother, Thomas Markle Jr. was lucky enough to get a nice deal in his DUI case but he is expected to stay sober and out of trouble for the next year.
To do so, he has entered a DUI diversion program. He got into the program last month.
In January 2019, Thomas was arrested in Oregon for driving under the influence of alcohol. Thomas failed a field sobriety test and blew a .11.
The court allowed him to enter a 1-year diversion program, but it comes with strings attached. First, Markle Jr. must attend a victim impact panel this month. He also has to get an ignition interlock device installed in his vehicle. 
Thomas must be booked and fingerprinted by the end of the month.
Thomas Markle Jr. is no stranger to legal issues. He was also arrested in January 2017 for allegedly holding a gun to his girlfriend's head during a drunken fight.

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