A mother ran over her drunk son with her car after he lay on the floor and dared her to.
Cynthia Grund's 37-year-old son lay down on the dirt driveway and blocked his mother's car from passing on Monday afternoon.
"Why don't you just run me over?" he told her.
Well, the mother did just as he suggested. 
Police say the victim was drunk when he lay flat on the dirt driveway and challenged his mom to run him over. Officials added that Cynthia Grund was sober when she pressed the accelerator and ran her son over with her car.
Cynthia reportedly told Olmstead County, Minnesota deputies: "He didn't believe I would."
She added: "He has been drinking all day. We gave him a chance."
Grund's husband, the victim's stepfather, called police after the accident.
The victim is hospitalized with "significant" head and pelvic injuries while his mother was arrested on second-degree assault charges, the NY Daily News reports.
Violence seems to run in the Grund family. Grund's sister, Lois Reiss, is set to stand trial in Minnesota for killing her husband David in March, according to KIMT3. Reiss, 44, is also awaiting trial for attempted murder of a woman in Florida.

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