According to media reports, the immigrant was sighted by passersby, after pulling down his trouser and performing sex acts on himself publicly near a train station in Este city.

Horrified passersby immediately called the cops over the incident and when the Nigerian man saw the police, he allegedly went berserk and tried to escape before he was nabbed.

The police reportedly asked him to identify himself but he declined and allegedly tried to attack the officers in an attempt to free himself and run.

The police officers dragged him and forced him into their vehicle as he continued ranting and screaming at them while being taken to the station.

It was reported that the suspect was later identified as a 25-year-old immigrant from Nigeria who was previously arrested and sentenced to 6 months in prison over another crime but had his sentence suspended.

According to reports, the suspect has been charged for performing obscene act in public and resisting of arrest.

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