A couple have been accused of sexually abusing their baby so badly that the child needed to undergo surgery to have a prosthetic anus fitted by surgeons.
The couple, identified only as Ismail S, 23, and Nina R, 26, due to German laws on naming suspects, allegedly abused the 6-week-old baby at their home. Nina R allegedly inserted an object into her son's anus for her own "sexual satisfaction" and this caused internal injuries. 
Ismail S is accused of causing a "bloody wound" in the boy's genital area and a "visible and painful bruise".

Asides the horrific injury to his anus, the baby boy also had a skull injury, bleeding on the brain, fractured ribs, bruising to the lungs and heart and bleeding from the eyes. It is also suspected he had older fractures.

They took the child to hospital in their home city of Ludwigshafen and the baby was diagnosed with severe peritonitis, an inflammation caused by a rupture in the abdominal region.

Chief prosecutor Hubert Stroeber said of the abuse: "Even professionals in my public prosecutor’s office were shocked."
The boy is now seven months old and currently living with a foster family.
Nina R and Ismail S were arrested in November and they have been charged with Grievous Bodily Harm, GBH, and sexual abuse with a trial set for May.

6-week-old baby is fitted with artificial anus after being sexually abused by parents

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