TBoss has defended Thin Tall Tony after social media users made fun of him for driving a cab.
A Twitter user took to the platform to reveal that she ordered a ride via a new online app and former Big Brother Naija contestant, Thin Tall Tony, was the cab driver who popped up.

TBoss jumps to Thin Tall Tony

She later shared a follow-up tweet revealing that, indeed, TTT was her driver. She shared a photo as proof.

TBoss jumps to Thin Tall Tony

Sadly, some saw it as an opportunity to shame the former reality star. Some even went as far as comparing the housemates of Big Brother Naija season 2 to the season 3 housemates and said the later are progressing better.
But TBoss wasn't here for it and she defended Tony while also cautioning followers to stop comparing them to BBNaija season 3 housemates.

TBoss jumps to Thin Tall Tony

TBoss' sister, Wendy also defended TTT and said he is doing a legit hustle and not living a fake life.

TBoss jumps to Thin Tall Tony
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