Abuja-based philanthropist an activist shared photos of 14-year-old orphan Haruna from Kaduna, who was remanded in prison for 21 days for stealing a grinding machine worth N1200. His post below:

This is Haruna from Zaria, an orphan. 
He is just 14, my first daughters age, remanded in keffi prison for 21days for stealing a grinding machine worth 12000naira.
He lives in Mpape with his cousin who also carries dirt (mebola)
He was brought to Mpape court today while I went there to get a release document for a young man kept in prison, then I saw him in handcuffs brought to court in a prison van for final judgement.
The age got my attention.
If his parents were alive, maybe, just maybe he won't have been on the streets at 14 scouting for a living.
I got him freed.
I asked him if he wants to go to school and he said no. He wants to be a mechanic. Well, that is his choice. I will send a staff to get him registered tomorrow.
He was going to serve a jail term for stealing grinding  machine, how come our courts are quick to sentence poor people?
With all the billions stolen everyday?

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