Adekunle Gold responds to allegations by scammers' apologist that he edited documents for 'Yahoo boys' in the past

An Instagram user has accused Adekunle Gold of aiding scammers in the past to carry out their nefarious activities and Adekunle has reacted.

The Instagram user, who appears to be making a case for scammers and internet fraudsters, called out Adekunle Gold for keeping silent as his wife Simi criticizes "Yahoo Boys". He went on to claim that Adekunle Gold, who is also a graphics designer, used to edit documents for the Yahoo boys' to use in carrying out their scam.

But Adekunle Gold has denied being involved in such.

See sceenshots below.

Adekunle Gold reacts as scammers

Adekunle Gold reacts as scammers

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