A hospital in China accidentally played pornography in its waiting lounge in front of adults and children.
According to local reports, horrified patients had to flee the room after seeing erotic footage appearing on a TV screen while waiting to see their dentists.

 Btime.com, an affiliation of Beijing Radio and Television Network reported that the embarrassing incident took place yesterday at the dental department of Chang'an Hospital in the city of Dongguan.

The news site released a video filmed by a female eyewitness who can be heard saying: 'I am in Chang'an Hospital. What are they playing in broad daylight? It's too much.'
A spokesperson at the hospital told the website that police were investigating the matter. 

The spokesperson said officers had checked the relevant equipment, including the TV set and Wi-Fi devices, but were yet to find the culprit. 
The comprehensive public hospital has 40 departments and nearly 1,000 employees, according to its website. 
Watch the video below.

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