Charlize Theron scolded a French TV presenter after he kissed her female interpreter without her consent during an interview. 

The actress looked surprised when presenter Cyril Hanouna, 44, approached her interpreter, named only as Nadia, and kissed her on her cheek. Nadia looked uncomfortable following the kiss.

Charlize Theron scolds French TV presenter for kissing her interpreter

Charlize, 43, didn't mask her disgust and said to Cyril, "Maybe ask next time?' 

Charlize's Long Shot co-star Seth Rogen, 37, was also present during the promotional interview and he suported Charlize by simply saying, "yes".

Cyril appeared awkward after this.

The video went viral on Twiter and web users praised Charlize.

One Twitter user wrote: "Being an interpreter and a woman, I really appreciate what Charlize Theron said when the TV host kissed her interpreter out of the blue... 

Another wrote: "@Cyrilhanouna kissed a girl, @CharlizeAfrica underligned that the girl didn't give her prior consent and all he does is asking the girl if she was titillated ("émoustillée"). No, she was disgusted, objectified and infantilized on TV by you, stupid clown."

Watch the video below.


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