A woman's face and neck has been left covered in blisters after a facelift procedure went horribly wrong.

The woman, in her 50s, went to Taipei, Taiwan, for a plastic surgery. She is believed to have had Thermage treatment, a face-tightening procedure using radio-frequency technology that heats deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen. Unknown to her, her skin had become burned from the inside after having the treatment.

Blisters cover woman

She returned home after being given the all clear. But, once at home, she started feeling a sharp pain on her face that was quickly followed by the appearance of burn blisters. She went to a hospital but ended up in intensive care for three weeks as she was covered in second-degree burns.

Blisters cover woman

Due to her burn injuries, she will need to wait at least two to three months before undergoing any new procedures.

Blisters cover woman
The woman's face before the botched procedure

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