The father of two of the Sri Lanka suicide bombers has been arrested on suspicion of aiding his sons, Sri Lanka's former navy chief said.
Millionaire spice trader Yoonus Ibrahim, who is the wealthy father of Inshaf and Ilham Ibrahim, has been arrested for helping the pair to carry out bomb attacks at two hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Easter Sunday.
Jayanath Colombage, who is now a counter-terrorism expert at the Pathfinder Foundation, confirmed the arrest today. 
Well educated and successful brothers, Inshaf and Ilham Ibrahim were responsible for the bomb blasts in luxury Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels in Colombo on Easter Sunday. The brothers detonated their suicide vests as guests were eating breakfast. 
Their attacks claimed the lives of at least 41 foreigners, including eight British holidaymakers - three of whom were children. 
Hours later, as police raided their mansion in an exclusive neighbourhood of Colombo, Ilham's pregnant wife Fatima blew herself up, killing her three children and three officers.  
Inshaf was a successful businessman and owned a copper factory (pictured below) thought to be where the explosives were made and that was raided by police.

Father of Sri Lanka bomber brothers is arrested for allegedly helping his sons carry out the attack
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