Controversial Ghanaian cleric, Prophet Kumchacha has said the world will cease to exist the day he doesn’t have sex with his wife.

The man of God said unlike some men who shy away from openly discussing their sexual lifestyles, he openly does that, and has as much as 35 styles for the enjoyment of himself and his wife.

He said:

“I have 35 sex styles; so you can’t be my wife and be saying you’re tired of having sex; no matter how tired you are; you must avail yourself to me anytime l want it.”

The controversial Prophet Kumchacha has always been in the news over his opinions on sexual matters and most of his critics have always wondered if he was truly passing across the message of God to the world.

If you recollect, he once said God created women only to cook for men because men are not so good at cooking.

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