The Nigerian version of the #TrashChallenge took place at Lagos initially where a group of young Nigerians took it upon themselves to clean up their surroundings voluntarily. The group started from Obalende under the bridge while others kicked off from their various locality.

The aim of this challenge is to replicate it all over the country and if possible over the continent, Africa. #TrashChallenge is a global challenge where various group of people clean up their environment.

A group of people in Ibadan came together to clean up their environment and this time, they went to the dirtiest place in the area and they chose Agodi Gate in Ibadan. The initiative was spearheaded by Miss Halima, she was able to gather some youths together and together they did their best to keep Ibadan keep.

Imagine if our youths can come in their numbers once a month to keep their environment, take the challenge to the street and walk the talk and stop being an e-warrior or keyboard fighter.

See more photos below;


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