Reports have it that some of the 13 Nigerian mafia gang members arrested in Italy earlier this month, have been deported. It was gathered that out of the 13 suspects, 11 were deported following an investigation by the Italian anti-mafia investigators, (DDA).

The gang said to comprise of members of Eiye confraternity - is accused of managing a human trafficking and prostitution ring. Police said aspiring members had to take part in brutal “initiation rites” to become part of the gang.

Italian police coordinated by DDA anti-mafia investigators in Palermo on April 4th, arrested 13 suspects as part of the so-called ''No Fly Zone'' operation against an alleged Nigerian mafia gang dubbed ''Eiye'' that operated across Italy.

According to investigative sources, two co-operating witnesses in Palermo played a key part in the probe.

The investigation started after a young Nigerian woman, a human trafficking victim herself, who had been forced into prostitution, went to the police. Investigators explained that her denunciation of those who exploited her, who were part of the EIYE organization, helped them begin the investigation.

First police raided the brothel where the woman worked in the central but relatively poor district of BallarĂ² in downtown Palermo. This discovery prompted a nation-wide investigation and the identification of the gang's leaders. The gang, which was based in Palermo's BallarĂ²'s district but operated nationwide, trafficked in drugs and prostitution, police said.


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