Reality star, Kim Kardashian who recently disclosed to Vogue US that she's studying to be a lawyer, has already been offered a job at a law firm.
Famed attorney Robert Shapiro who worked closely with her father Robert Kardashian on OJ Simpsonmurder trial has praised the mother of three for her qualities, explaining that they will transfer well when it comes to working as a lawyer.

Famed attorney Robert Shapiro, who worked with Robert Kardashian during OJ Simpson
According to TMZ, he said: 'Kim's already done incredible work with no experience, so the sky's the limit now that she's seriously practicing law.'
He added: 'She has a long, difficult road ahead of her and there's a high chance of failure... but she'll pull through.'
With Kim preparing to take the California state bar exam in 2022, Mr. Shapiro then said that he would happily employ her.

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