Mofe Duncan’s wife, since it’s not confirmed if they have perfected their divorce processes, has reacted to the breakup saga.

In a statement she released today, Jessica revealed that although the news about their break up just hit the internet, they have parted ways for almost a year now.
See her statement below:

Earlier before today, Mofe Duncan had confirmed the breakup and wrote on social media:
I thank you all who have shown concern and sent prayers and messages, and may God repay such kindness. My marriage has been over for over a year as I have remained cordial with both families and would continue to remain cordial as God continues to guide me. My family & I were waiting for the right time to make an official statement but social media has it’s own way of doing things. My family is doing well and I am doing well as I have moved on with my life and my career and I appreciate all the support shown. Thank you and God bless you all.


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