Nigerian comedian, King Bright has reacted to the endorsement deal recently secured by controversial Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia.

In a post he shared on social media, King Bright wondered whether decent girls of today still have any opportunities left to make it in life.

According to him, girls like Etinosa who became famous after she stripped for an Instagram live video few months ago are bagging the deals while decent girls aren’t celebrated.

He shared:

Why do good decent well behaved women always come last and dont get appreciated? Well #etinosa stripped naked on a live video and she got an endorsement a month after?hmmmm🤔🤔 So what are we teaching the young girls today? Are we promoting/encouraging Indecency now or what? This is a true case of sex sells. Nothing good trend or go viral anymore. Sad but true that good things dont make wave but bad things trend forever. Etinosa I hail o.
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