The woman is probably a trader, who had travelled to the North to buy goods for sale.
Facebook user, Comr Moses Chukwudile, who spotted her in Awka, Anambra State capital, shared the photos and wrote;
I really most times feel weak to put things up except on extreme case like this, I beg not to be misunderstood. 
I drove in from a neighbouring state over the weekend, entering the state capital of Anambra (Awka) I stumbled into this, I didn't see it initially, but saw it when my colleague tapped me, Lo and behold, two women behind this heavy duty truck, I was touched to the bones, I asked myself these questions as stated below; 
Why would these women go through this stress to ensure their goods arrived? 
Do they do this because they don't have money for Transport? 
Where are their Children? (daughter especially)
Do they know what their parents go through? 
Little Success mother from Warrior probably goes through this and finally her child will be driven from school? 
They probably will be remembering the way their kids request money for school fees, teextbooks feeding etc from the top of this truck were they are. 
Were they ever slay queens married into riches or begging for an abroad husband? 
Why would they go through this from the north to the east? 
They must have gone through this journey all night? 
Can our generation sustain this? 
Where are their husbands?
Does he know this is what his wife goes through this to put food on the table? 
What if this fall because of our good roads? 
What becomes the fate of these families? 
I pity states with wicked leaders... 
Can a young girl of today be patient to go through this? 
A lot of questions.... When you read you answer on your own, from the picture you may likely ask yourself more questions. 
This picture is real, this vehicle is on motion at least you can confirm from the smoke going out through the exhaust. 
Even with the inscription on the truck 'No standing' they didn't only stand but slept... My God!!! 
God bless our mothers especially the faithful and obedient ones, I use these women in this picture as a point of contact to reach all our hustling mothers all over the world, May God in His Infinite Mercy Meet them at their various point of needs. 
In Jesus Name Amen
Photos: Nigerian man asks poignant questions after spotting a woman sleeping on top of a moving heavy duty truck
Photos: Nigerian man asks poignant questions after spotting a woman sleeping on top of a moving heavy duty truck

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