Adeniyi Johnson, while reflecting on his broken marriage, has taken his time to enlighten his followers on social media to focus on the lessons of life and not on an incident.

The actor who was an anchor at a couples’ program mentioned that the mistakes made by some people in life are simply meant to serve as lessons for people coming from behind and no one should feel entitled to condemning others for the wrong steps they take in the course of their life journey.

He wrote:

"He has a broken marriage, he couldn’t manage a home, 2nd marriage before 40th… yes I concur but do u know God use the foolish things of this world to confirm the wise.. lots of inventor and great men of this world at some point in life had set backs…

What I went through might have happened so you can learn or be motivated.. you are free to pass judgement if only all your journey has been smooth or went as planned…As ugly as a mango tree looks we all benefit and love the fruit…That’s me standing anchoring the black tie event strictly for couples.. I shared experiences and gained experiences …… #GODOVERALL
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