Below is a video showing Nollywood actress Angela Okorie flaunting her cleavage while singing along to a gospel tune in her bedroom.

According to the caption that accompanied the video which she shared on social media, She is worshiping God because he wants those who will Worship him in truth.

Angela Okorie shared:
"Worship is part
Of my habit
I do it everywhere
Any day , Any Time
It’s been part of me from
God is looking for true worshippers
If we human can’t worship him
He said he will raise stones
To worship him

It doesn’t matter who u are
Where u come from
Or what you are going through
Just think about where u are going
Just worship him
Every time
Don’t worship only when u need something
From God
Worship and praise him every Time
Make it a habit and see God
Changing your situation
God bless you
Happy Sunday Fam"

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