Reno Omokri has revealed that he has shred no respect for the former US President Barack Obama. He made this known in reaction to a poll which says Obama is the worst president since world war 2.

According to Reno Omokri, he once campaigned for Obama and the day he got elected was one of his happiest days.

However, his policies while in government made him to conclude that he was a disappointment.

He shared:

Time Magazine is so accurate. I campaigned for this man. The day he was elected was one of my happiest days on earth. Yet he turned out to be a spectacular disappointment. He meddled in elections in other nations but turned cry baby when Hillary lost. He thought he was so smart that you should just listen to him because your opinion was bound to be inferior to his. He did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of substance and lasting value for Africa. Yet he moved the world for homosexuals. He destabilised Libya and when the fallout affected Nigeria (Boko Haram), he refused to lift a hand to help. I have no shred of respect for Barack Obama


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