Sudden disappearance of trailers as President visits Lagos

Again, it has happened just like when President Buhari visited Lagos state during his Presidential campaign tour.

The contentious parked trailers along some key expressways in Lagos have again made a sudden disappearance.

These parked trailers on the expressways in Lagos have become the norm as opposed to the exception.

They line up the stretch of a massive 12.4km of the expressway – from Onipanu to the ports in Apapa.

Several bridges along the way are not spared of their presence and enormous weights.

The bridges affected include Ojuelegba, Abati, Stadium, Ijora, Iganmu, Eko, Carter and Jibowu bridges.

These parked articulated vehicles are also the cause of the chaotic traffic flow on and around these bridges.

With the manner these parked trailers keep disappearing each time the President visits, it should be evident to all that the government - state and federal - are not sincere about the elimination of parked trailers from the major expressways and bridges.

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