The arrested alleged killer of Anthony Igboka, former Anambra State House of Assembly member, on Monday, confessed that they carried out the act because his gang was banished from the community.

The 27-year old suspect, Chigbo Aniegbu, alias Transformer, who disclosed this while being paraded at the state Police headquarters, however said he was not the one that shot the deceased.

He said the deceased had chased members of his gang from the town, insisting they would not return until they turned a new life.

Aniegbu, who confessed being a member of Vikings cult group, however said he ignorantly, joined the gang in the vehicle from a neighboring town to his community.

He said, “I was at Oyeolise when they picked me. They told me to join them for an operation, but was not told that the operation involved the killing of Igboka.

That was why I was speechless when they started shooting the man. I don’t have any personal issue with him. After all, two of us are from the same village.

“The only mistake I made was entering the vehicle without confirming exactly where they were headed.”

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