UAE cancels Three months tourist visa for Nigerian passport holders until further notice

The United Arab Emirates has cancelled Three months tourist visa for Nigerian passport holders following the arrest of five Nigerians for robbery in Dubai.

According to Africholiday, Nigeria passport holders are no eligible to three months UAE tourist visa. They are now restricted to 1 months, 96 hours and 48 hours UAE tourist Visa till further notice.

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  1. All this Igbo are the majority problems will have in this country

  2. Tolakeyboard I can imagine your sense of reasoning. Well it is not coming to me as a surprise as if the Yoruba's are saints. Whether you like it or not you are a part of this country so it is a shame to us all mind you they never mentioned any tribe so wise up and stop creating tribal war Mr man.

  3. It is rather unfortunate and a very big shame to the country that we can't be trusted anymore



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