Lindi Qhoma from South Africa was brutally killed after being allegedly mocked about her weight by three thugs before one of them shot her in the face.

According to her sister, Bulelwa Qhoma (28), Lindi had always been mocked for being fat.

Lindi was killed Tuesday in Tshepisong, near Mogale City in South Africa. The incident started after Lindi and her mum Mpondo Qhoma had bought groceries, and got into a taxi from Tshepisong to their home in Slovoville, Soweto.

According to Bulelwa, when they got into the taxi, three men ridiculed and insulted Lindi and said she was taking up too much space.

“Lindi told the men she was aware of her looks and didn’t see anything wrong with being fat,” said Bulelwa. “Then the men got angry and pulled out their guns.”

She said the driver tried to apologise on Lindi’s behalf.

“But that’s when the man sitting in front pulled out his gun and shot at her,” she said. “The first bullet missed her. The second hit her in the face. She died on the way to hospital.”

Bulelwa said her mother collapsed after the incident and has since been rushed to the hospital.

“Dobsonville police have launched a manhunt for the three suspects following an incident where a 28-year-old woman was shot in the head.”

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