Actress Enado Odigie lailasnews
The ‘From Lagos with love’ star adores her job. As fiercely as the competition has gotten on the Nollywood scene, Enado is constantly striving to perfect her craft and do better, but always endeavours to do so with a sense of humor and a healthy dose of reality.

She also cannot stand injustice or inequality, although she’s quick to say she doesn’t believe in creating more divisions.

Actress Enado Odigie says:

‘The minute we begin to see ourselves as one and the same, maybe the conversation will change and everyone will hopefully be happy.

’This means everyone should have a say, have a seat at the table, have a voice, that everyone’s rights are protected, that everyone has a right to have dreams and the opportunity to have those dreams achieved.

It means more laws should be made that make these things possible and abolishing laws that stand in the way of this.

It means representation that reflects this in all tiers of power, government and its parastatals and general society.

It means enforcement of these laws and punishment for anyone who breaches them. It means opportunities and reflective pay.

It means security.’

See more photos of the stunning actress below:
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