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Nigerian prolific singer Asa makes comeback after a five-year break with a new album. The France based singer teased her fans with a snippet of her beautiful video which is set to drop May 14.

This will make Asa’s fourth album. Her third studio album, ‘Bed of Stone’ had hits like ‘Dead Again’, ‘Eyo’, ‘Satan Be Gone’, ‘The One That Never Comes’ and ‘Moving On’, was released in 2014. She thereafter embarked on a world tour from 2015 to 2017, which marked her long break from music.

As Asa makes comeback, her fans grew excited as they anticipate more good music from the singer, the type she is very well known for.

The video showed a man dancing behind a blue background as it slowly transitioned to show Asa in a sleeping position after which a date appeared to bring an end to the video.

Here is the video confirming Asa is all set to release a new album below;

While the new song is slated for May 14, Asa is yet to reveal the title of the tracks on the album that will serve as her follow up to the music video of ‘Eyo’.

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