Blac Chyna has reportedly hauled a knife at her hairdresser after the duo got into it a fight on Saturday morning, while the hairdresser reportedly threw a soda can at the socialite.

Chyna and her stylist were at her San Fernando Valley home when things got heated over an argument which reportedly emanated from an alleged debt Blac Chyna owed the stylist, TMZ reports.

Reports have it that the hairdresser filed a police report, claiming Chyna threatened her with a knife when the stylist asked for payment.

However sources from Chyna’s camp deny she pulled a knife, but claim the hairdresser left in a huff and threw soda cans at Chyna’s car.

Chyna’s 6-year-old child, King, whom she shares with Tyga, was present during the fight, and now that a police report has been filed, it is very much likely that the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services will get involved and at the very least do a welfare check.

This isn’t the first time Chyna has gotten into it with the hired help. She and her makeup artist got into a fight in January at Chyna’s home and the police were called.

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