Cliff Saunders SABC has died of heart failure at 79. His death happened Monday May 6th at his home in Northcliff, Johannesburg.

Before his death, Cliff was a former SABC journalist and political correspondent. Cliff worked for the SABC for 33 years and interviewed well-known politicians such as Nelson Mandela, PW Botha, FW de Klerk and Pik Botha.

Cliff Saunders SABC death:
Announcing her father’s death, Cliff’s daughter Yolande told Netwerk24:

“My dad has been struggling with his heart for the past three years and has been systematically deteriorating. He didn’t want to go to hospital, but to die at his home.

“Until his death, my father was still surprisingly strong. He climbed the steps of his townhouse up and down every day and did biokinetic exercises for an hour.”

Cliff Funeral:
Cliff Saunder funeral service, as announced by his family, will hold at 11:00am on Friday at the Presbyterian church in Randburg on the corner of Eliseweg and Malibongwery Avenue.

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Cliff is survived by his wife, Ria, who he was married to for 57 years. He is also survived by their 4 children – Cliff, Yolande, Albert, Ilette, and six grandchildren.

Cliff lost his son, legendary cameraman Dudley Saunders, in 2013 after Dudley was hit by a train in Soweto.

The beloved former SABC, M-Net, Special Assignment and Carte Blanche lensman was finishing a shoot about train surfing in the township.

After filming an interview with a train surfer – each on either side of the track – Dudley stayed behind to get one final shot, an extreme close-up of a passing train.

The train was coming from around a corner. Dudley is suspected to have misjudged its speed firstly, and when you are looking through a camera lens your depth perception is thrown off.

These factors, combined with Dudley’s renowned fearlessness, saw him inch too close to the track. The train struck him from the front.

The assistant cameraman rushed over to help and found Dudley gasping for breath. By the time they got him to hospital, he had already passed away.

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