Court strikes out suit challenging the defection of Dogara, Saraki and 52 other lawmakers

Update:?Court strikes out suit challenging the defection of Saraki, Dogara, 52 other lawmakers
A Federal High Court in Abuja has struck out the suit filed by the Legal Defence and Assistant Project (LEDAP), challenging the defection of 53 lawmakers for lack of locus stand to file the suit.  

Initially, Justice Okon Abang had declared the act as unlawful based on the judgement of the supreme court, which laid down reasons that would allow for defection. According to him, the lawmakers did not meet that requirement.

He further explained that there was no division of the kind recognized by the Supreme Court to allow the defendant, that is the Senate President and 53 others retain their seat with the exception of the third defendant, Senator Godswill Akpabio.

He said this is so because in his view, at the time they claimed there was division in their parties which resulted in them decamping, those political parties were still functioning as political parties, hence, the division was not of the kind that will enable them decamp.

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