A mother-in-law is being called out on Facebook after she arrived at her son's wedding in an elaborate white dress that made her look like the bride.

It is considered inappropriate to wear a white dress to a wedding that isn't yours, so as not to upstage the bride. But this mother-in-law didn't seem to care and her choice of wedding outfit has generated outrage.

The woman wore a strapless white fishtail gown to her son's wedding and posed for photos with the bridesmaids, making her look like the bride, who was also dressed in a similar gown.

Outrage after groom
A Facebook user shared the photos from the wedding and wrote: "You guys, this is my husband’s aunt at her son’s wedding. Lady, TF are you doing?!"

Outrage after groom

Facebook users reacted with outrage at the dress choice of the mother of the groom and they called her out in the comments.

One wrote: "What a pathetic attention seeker."

See some of the Facebook reactions below.

Outrage after groom
Outrage after groom

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