A Nigerian guy who claims to be a trained feminists has shared a post on Twitter which many see as something that justifies rape.

In his post, the young man stated that he doesn’t sense rape in a situation where a lady leads a guy on, make him spend money then he forces himself on her when she denied him sex on visiting him.

He tweeted:

I am a feminist, a trained one at that

Feminism is about gender balancing

RAPE is a crime that deserves capital punishment

But it is wrong to lead a guy on, allow him to spend so much on you, follow him to his house and deny him sex.
If he forces you, I don’t see it as rape

He added:

As long as we keep seeing rape from the angle of the victim

We will never judge justly

He went on to clarify that he would personally not force himself on anyone.

I personally will not force myself on anyone

But sadly it happens every day and all we do is rant on social media

It is time we address this issue from both angles

The Victim and The Accused {rapist}

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