Gospel musician, Nathaniel Bassey has reacted to the Presidential Medal of Freedom bestowed on Tiger woods by President Donald Trump.

Tiger Woods was honoured with the medal for his comeback after he was written off due to problems he had.

Reacting to the feat attained by the golfer who won a Masters few weeks ago, Nathaniel Bassey shared:

I shy away from using these kinds of pics to communicate a point. But could not resist this. Such inspiration. A few years ago, this same Tiger was decorated with shame. The media wrote Him off. I watched a video with different people practically sealing off His career. This is someone who fell but refused to stay down. Have you fallen? GET UP! Forget the mockers. They are quick to celebrate when the tide turns. Today He is decorated with presidential honour. COME-BACKS ARE POSSIBLE. COME-BACKS ARE REAL. Such a great lesson to learn here.

Presenting the award, Trump praised Tiger Woods’ “relentless will to win, win, win.”

“qualities embody the American spirit of pushing boundaries, defying limits and always striving for greatness,” the president said.

“Your amazing comeback and your amazing life and for giving sports fans a lifetime of memories.
“We can’t wait to see what’s next, Tiger,” said Trump.

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