Lawyer-in-training and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, has reportedly spent a day visiting an inmate of San Quentin state prison who is on death row. The man in question is 61-year-old Kevin Cooper, who TMZ reports has been serving time for four murders since 1983. Despite being found guilty, Cooper has always maintained his innocence over the murders and Kim got involved last October when evidence came to light that suggested he had been framed.

Kim reportedly wore all black for the visit and spent two hours with Kevin, and is now working to have his case reconsidered and eventually have him freed. New DNA testing was ordered by former California Governor Jerry Browns at her request, and even more tests have been granted by the new Governor, Gavin Newsom. Kim is said to be convinced of Kevin’s innocence and is working with her legal team to go over his case. Kim isn’t just a pretty face – she’s also got a banging brain (Picture: PA) For now, Kevin’s fate is somewhat safe as California’s anti-capital punishment Governor Gavin has paused all state ordered deaths for his entire time in office – a move Kim was more than happy about. If she manages to free him, Kevin will be the 18th overturned incarceration the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has managed to pull off over the last few months, ever since she set her sights on helping prison reform.

Kim Kardashian Alice Johnson

One of the ex-cons who has benefited from Kim’s interest in the legal system, Paul Algarin, is reportedly receiving job offers from all around the world, for everything from modelling to becoming a tattoo artist. Kim announced her bid to become a criminal justice lawyer back in April and has shared her studying with her fans ever since – whether it’s a mock question about whether The Biebs is liable for conspiracy to receive stolen property or showing off her flash card revision notes.

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