Army dismisses soldier, Akhigbe Tijani who raped a girl in front of her parents in Yobe
Akhigbe Tijani 

Police in Yobe has paraded a solder who raped a young girl in front of her parents in Buni Yadi and bashed her brother in the head with pestle after he refused to be forced to have sex with his sibling.

Private Akhigbe Tijjani, attached to 27 Taskforce Brigade was on a cordon-and-search operation when he entered a girl’s home and raped her in front of her family.

Police spokesman ASP Abdulmalik Abdulhafiz said Tijjani forced the girl’s brother to have sex with his sister.
“When the boy refused, Tijjani used a pestle and hit him in the head,” Abdulhafiz said.

A colleague on the cordon-and-search operation reported Tijjani to the military, prompting his courtmartial and dismissal.

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