A Nigerian nanny in US identified as Oluremi Adeleye, convicted in February, 2019, over the killing an 8-month-old baby girl, Enitan Salubi, in 2016, has been sentenced on Friday in Prince George’s County, U.S.

Authorities say Oluremi Adeleye, 73, was captured on home video unscrewing the lid of Enitan’s bottle and pouring around eight ounces of milk down her throat in less than 30 seconds, “essentially drowning her” in October 2016.

The video also shows the baby going limp and Adeleye rocking her – Adeleye was found guilty of second-degree murder and first-degree and second-degree child abuse.

She was sentenced to 40 years in prison with all but 15 years suspended in addition to five years supervised probation upon release.

The convict testified in her own defense at her trial. She said she was “cup-feeding” the baby to ensure it didn’t go hungry, a custom in Nigeria.

“I was feeding the baby and she refused to accept her food. So I decided to cup-feed her, not knowing it will lead to her death” she told the judge

Adeleye had others testify in her defense, saying that cup-feeding — pouring liquid in one’s hand to feed children when they do not want to eat but need to be fed — was common in Nigeria.

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