Last month, news made the rounds of twins impregnated by the same man and they called themselves a throuple. One of the twin sister has spoken up about the situation and telling her side of the story, and it sounds nothing like the original version.

According to the previous story, the man named Keonyae met twin sisters Nia and Nydia at a gym where he’s a personal trainer, and somehow ended up getting them both pregnant just a month apart from each other. He went on to say all parties involved were OK with the situation and have been living happily as a “throuple” as they wait for the babies to arrive. He even went on to say he needs a TV show.
twin sisters impregnated by same manOne of the twin sisters; Nydia went on a Facebook group called “Mommy & Me”to rant that it all what was said was far from the truth. She went on to share the the “situationship” between herself, her baby daddy and her sister.

She revealed she was in a relationship with him and when she was 9 months pregnant, she was shocked to find out that her twin sister was 8 months pregnant for him as they had been having sex behind her back.

She said she tried not to expose her sister because family and friends have already turned their back on her. She said;

“I just found out April 1st that while him and his other [baby mama] were dating he got my sister pregnant as well and that she is due a month after me,” Nydia shared. “When I found out it hurt me. Alot,” she added. “Can’t even be excited to be an aunt.”

According to Nydia, when Keonyae bragged on social media about getting twin sisters pregnant, he left out a number of key details, including the fact that he already has kids and is still “dating” his baby mama. Read Nydia’s entire post below:
One of the twin sisters impregnated by the same man tells spills the truth - lailasnews

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