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Caramelo Demolition: The owner of the popular Caramelo Nightclub in Abuja, has accused the Federal Government of being insensitive to the plight of Nigerians after the demolition of his clubja.

The Caramelo Bar was demolished just few days after a demolition notice was delivered to the management of the club.

The club owner, Caramelo Demolition however in their reaction, blamed Abuja minister, Bello Mohammed, for the demolition, describing it as a vindictive measure that did not consider the country’s flailing economy.

In a report by Premium Times, Eze, with his eyebrows soaked, decried the manner with which his property was destroyed, describing himself as a law-abiding citizen.

He gave an insight into the hopelessness he felt about the situation, which he described as entirely avoidable.

“They just destroyed N500 million in a struggling economy,” Mr Eze said. “This is deliberate sabotage of this country’s economy.”

“Now, not only the 105 people have been rendered jobless, our suppliers and other indirect labourers will have to find ways to earn a living for themselves and families,” Mr Eze said.

A staff at the club, Sunday Enenche, while speaking with reporters said:

“Anguish is the only thing I feel right now. This is the only employment I have known and I have used to feed my family for many years.”

Eze also said Caramelo was properly registered and paid federal taxes and other levies to at least 15 offices from neighbourhood and professional associations to federal agencies.

Yet the property was destroyed with only a two-day notification, he said.

Mr Eze displayed the notice to reporters on Monday morning. It said the building was illegally constructed and had been constituting a nuisance to residents.

It was the first time an official reason would be cited for the government’s crackdown on the famed bar, Mr Eze said.

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