After weeks of rumours that Robert Pattinson will be taking on the role of Batman, Warner Bros confirmed they have closed the deal for him to wear the iconic cape and cowl. That’s right – R-Patz has been approved as the star of The Batman trilogy of films that Matt Reeves will direct later this year, according to Deadline. The publication reports that Pattinson was a front runner because the filmmaker liked him, but the studio was debating between him and Nicholas Hoult, and wanted both of the actors on tape.

 Ben Affleck in Batman V Superman - Dawn Of Justice - 2016 Director: Zack Snyder Warner Bros/DC Comics USA Film Portrait Action/Adventure Batman v Superman : L?Aube de la Justice

The news comes after reports from Variety stated the 33-year-old was in talks for the role. It was originally slated to star Ben Affleck, before the production moved on in favour of a younger star. We already knew that filmmaker Matt Reeves’s ‘new vision’ for Batman was for a ‘younger’ Bruce Wayne and a ‘very point of view-driven, noir Batman tale’ that would suit Pattinson’s moody, indie film background. News of his involvement caused some concern among fans, who may only know the actor from his time in the Twilight films. Ben Affleck as Batman (Picture: Rex Features) There are just over two years until the June 25, 2021 release but conflicting reports by Deadline earlier this month suggested the Skins actor was still very much in the running for The Batman role.

Earlier this month sources said Hoult and Pattinson were ‘both’ at the top of director Reeves’ shortlist. And reactions to the news of Rob’s portrayal was widely debated, with his name trending on Twitter within 30 minutes of the news breaking on 17 May. There were, of course, the Robert Pattinson stans who still remember him best as Edward Cullen in the vampire film franchise, and were punching the air that we get to see the heartthrob in another serious role outside the realms of tween fiction, saying they were ‘pumped’ and calling it a ‘good day’ for film.

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