A court document showing Bettie Jenifer wife legally married to another man has surfaced on the internet.

According to the document, Chris Attoh’s wife Bettie Jenifer is still legally married to a man identified as Kedrick Jenifer, though they are currently battling on the divorce process in court.

In the document, Bettie Jenifer’s name was seen as the defendant in a case filed against her by the husband Kedrick Jenifer.
According to the document, the case titled ‘Jenifer vs Jenifer’ was categorized as a domestic family case.
Information in the document revealed that Kedrick Jenifer had filed for absolute divorce against his wife.

The case which was considered a domestic family issue had an attorney until the demise of the defendant, Bettie Jenifer.
The document comes as a surprise to many because the defendant, during the period of the suit, was married to popular Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh.
In October 2018, news went round about the marriage of Chris Attoh to Bettie Jenifer as photos popped up. According to the report, Chris and Bettie tied the knot in Ghana but at a private location, seeing only few family and friends in attendance.
Her family has just allegedly revealed that her life was being threatened several times before her death.

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