The Game shows off his bulletproof sneaker closet
The Game takes the security of his footwear pretty seriously..
In a new video for Complex, the rapper, 39, shows off his extensive sneaker collection and the extra safety precautions he’s taken to keep his shoes safe.
The shoe storage in his Calabasas home is made of raw oak he imported from Montana and Colorado, which he says cost $75,000 alone.
Most of the shoes in his collection were gifted to him by fellow musicians like Drake, Pharrell Williams and DJ Khaled.
He also explained to the show’s host Joe La Puma why he has a special bulletproof case built for his second pair of “Back to the Future”-themed Nike Air Mags.
“My first pair were first edition, “I think they were like the seventh pair ever made, touched by Michael J. Fox … they were a $60,000 shoe. Well, I had those and I didn’t protect them.”
He continued, “When I first started building this house, I had cameras up but the security system wasn’t all ready yet and, randomly, this dude … breaks in and … he grabs a Louis Vuitton backpack and a Gucci duffel and then he walked into my closet and he must have saw the box to the Mags. He drops both the duffel and the backpack, grabs the box to these, walked out the front door and, of course, we haven’t seen them since.”
The theft inspired the musician to not only reinvest in a new pair of Air Mags, but also to make sure that never happens to him again. “We got reinforced steel outside the doors as you saw before we walked in, this right here,” he says, gesturing to the box containing the coveted sneakers, “is two-inch bulletproof glass. You can shoot an Iranian AK-47 and you’re not breaking through this.”
He continued, “Behind this, this box is secured all the way around with steel chain rods. If you pull this, you’ll have to take out the entire other room. These are not moving. You can take every other shoe in here, these motherf—kers are not going nowhere.”

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